The Basics of Investing in Oil

( If you thought you had to be rich to get into the oil market, you’re gravely mistaken! The benefits of the oil market are open to everyone, but not everyone knows the basics of investing nor do they know how the oil market works. Let’s put it this way: the oil market is complicated because there are a lot of players involved. You’ve got companies that extract and produce oil, companies that chemically process oil, and companies that produce oil-based products (sometimes known as petroleum-based products).

As a matter of fact, oil is in everything from jet fuel and asphalt to waxes, plastics, and other ordinary household items. The black oil that you see shooting out of the ground or from the seafloor is referred to as “crude oil” and that’s the term used to refer to oil when it is first extracted through drilling. So the market is a complicated beast, and if you want in on all the action with investments, there are a couple of basic principles that you have to learn.

Your Financial Readiness to be An Investor 

Before even beginning to get yourself into this, you need to ask yourself the question as to whether your financial situation is stable enough for you to begin investing. If you’re living from paycheck to paycheck without any extra money to spare, then maybe it would be best to focus on taking on control of your personal finances first, before getting yourself involved in oil trading. Nonetheless, if there’s some level of stability and you believe that you can put a little money aside to start investing, then let the games begin!

Create A Brokerage Account 

Getting a brokerage account is essential if you want to start trading. The application should be easy and quick and you can get a professional to guide you through the process if needed. Once that’s done, you are ready to start trading.

Oil Stocks

It goes without saying that the thing that should interest you in the oil market is oil stocks, and these are the shares of companies that work in the oil industry and are involved in activities, whether it has something to do with the energy sector or more to do with other household products are oil-based. You can also look into drilling companies as well or popular companies in the energy market, such as ExxonMobil or Halliburton. It’s worthy of noting that if you want to start small, you can also start with the cell phone app Robinhood.

Check out Mutual Funds

Generally, it is not recommended that you invest in mutual funds in the oil industry (generally referred to as oil funds), since the market goes up and down. Oil funds are basically a group of shares that are from oil-based companies only, and if you anchor your investments into the performance of oil alone, then your investments will not be safe. A better option is to invest in broad index funds, which will allow you to put your money in other types of stocks, not just in the oil industry. It will help you diversify your portfolio.

Do Your Research

The most important part of investing as a beginner is developing the habit of watching financial news every day, so that you can understand how the market works. If you don’t learn the market well, you won’t be able to navigate your investments properly. Do research on the various companies and how they’ve been performing before you put a single penny into the market, and always remember to keep your portfolio diverse. In addition, there’s nothing embarrassing about hiring a stockbroker or financial advisor to give you guidance on how your money should be invested.

~Here’s to your Financial Health!

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