Side Gigs for People Interested in Online Retail

Side Gigs for People Interested in Online Retail
Side Gigs for People Interested in Online Retail

Does the idea of making money online appeal to you? There are quite a few options available for those who want to sell tangible goods.

  • Selling on Amazon– If you have a business of your own, you can open an individual or professional account on Amazon to sell your own products or inventory. This is a great option for those who want to jump into sales without building their own websites.
  • TeeSpring – You don’t necessarily need to be a graphic designer to have designs printed on TeeSpring items. You can outsource the design work and then simply upload the finished product for sale. All you really need is a little marketing savvy.
  • Merch by Amazon – This is a great program for artists who would like to see their designs on various products. Merch operates similar to sites like TeeSpring. You upload your design and choose the product type and features. Amazon will print/produce it, ship it and offer customer service. You get the royalties!
  • Sell on eBay – eBay has two programs. You can still sell your items at auction on the main eBay site, but you can also use eBay’s Handcrafted Marketplace to sell craft-type products at a flat rate.
  • Sell on Etsy – Are you a crafter with goods to sell? Etsy allows sellers to list not only crafts and handmade goods, but antiques and craft supplies and well.
  • CafePress – This is another site where you can upload designs onto a wide variety of goods. CafePress will print the ordered product and ship it directly to your customers, paying you the royalties. They offer more product types than sites like TeeSpring, but the costs tend to be higher, too.
  • ZazzleZazzle is similar to CafePress in that you can sell your own designs. There are some customizable designs for buyers as well, giving them a little more options than other sites. Like with TeeSpring, you can ramp up production by outsourcing your design work and then uploading it for sale.
  • Dropshipping – Start your own dropshipping business by selling products in niches you love. Sites like Oberlo help you set up your own Shopify account, which you then market on your own. You just need to make sure you are selling legitimate products, not fake knock-offs. Do your research diligently.

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