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Financial Health Network (FHN) helps people survive and thrive in any economy. Our editors research financial threats, opportunities, as well as empowering tools, tips and strategies to help protect people’s money and maximize their earning potential. We deliver email to our subscribers who opt-in to a variety of advertising campaigns appearing on Facebook and the World Wide Web including quizzes, e-books, and popular financial products. Subscribers may also originate through affiliate companies who are compensated for traffic on a performance-basis. If you suspect one of our affiliates is sending unwanted spam, please report it to us so we can take action against them. Please enjoy our newsletter, but if you don’t want it, please unsubscribe at the footer of any email you receive. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How do I sign up for the Financial Health Network (FHN) newsletter?

  • Simply submit your email on the subscription for at 
  • You will receive daily FHN news, tips and promotions for as long as you remain an active newsletter reader.

Question: How do I unsubscribe from Financial Health Network newsletters?

  • If you do not open FHN newsletters for more than 60 days or click unsubscribe on any email you receive from FHN, your subscription will be permanently terminated and you will no longer receive FHN emails.  If you are unable to unsubscribe, please reply with the words “unsubscribe” in any email you receive from us.

Question: Why am I getting Financial Health Network newsletters?

  • There are many ways to subscribe for FHN newsletters. Email newsletters are sent to opt-in subscribers of FHN and their affiliated marketing partners. For example, it’s possible you took a poll or signed up for a credit reporting service and did not realize it came with a free FHN subscription. In any case, you can read FHN daily for free or terminate your subscription by clicking unsubscribe on any FHN email.

Question: I appear to be getting spammed from, what can I do?

  • FHN subscriptions are able to remain free with the help of our advertisers who sponsor promotional emails you may not want. You can simply ignore them or unsubscribe, however, unfortunately, using the unsubscribe feature cancels your subscription permanently.


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