Hey! Glad to see that you want to learn more about what Financial Health Network (or FHN for short) is. Our About Us page should be the perfect introduction for you to get an idea about what our goals are here at FHN and how we hope to help people achieve their best financial health. In order to truly gain that health, we believe people need the right state of mind, a solid source of information, overall health, as well as opportunity. That is why we have many different categories to help you reach that prime health status! We have 8 Categories:

Each category can help you in a different aspect of life (that’s why there are so many). But those 4 are what we believe is the foundation of what can help you achieve financial health. Our team scours the internet about anything and everything that can help people reach their best financial health in any situation they are dealing with. We hope that our readers enjoy free access to great information while discovering new saving opportunities, benefits, programs, resources, tips, and more that may be able to aid you in reaching your financial healthiest!

Understanding Financial Health Network

Here at FHN, we want to make reaching peak financial health more possible through simplicity and accessible education! An important part of achieving that financial health lies within how you manage all aspects of life. If you have any questions, we encourage you to ask us! You can send us feedback at contact(at)financialhealth.net. We love hearing feedback so if you know of anything else that can help our readers achieve their financial health, please share it with us. We will review submissions to see how we can improve our site, what new articles we should create, how we can continue to be a great source of free education, etc.

What is Our Process?

At FHN, we like to make sure that the articles and other content is not only top quality, but original as well. We like to highlight the ways that our readers can better their situation in order to truly be financially healthy! If you find any article or content that you think needs to be updated then please reach out contact(at)financialhealth.net.

We want to remind you to please keep in mind that our content is not tailored to your specific situation. Every individual has their own unique situation so these articles are just a great place to get a general understanding! You can use the knowledge you gain from the information you read to help guide you (kinda like a road map!) to help you find your next move for the situation that you are dealing with. Healing your situation to reach the best level of health can take time. If you want to get assistance that is tailored to your situation then you need to consider getting help from a qualified professional. They can help walk you through making financial decisions that best help your situation!

Keeping Up to Date with Daily News

Daily news is important even outside of your financial situation. However, staying up to date can help people understand factors that impact their financial health. For example, for a while there was a national eviction protection put in place for eligible individuals. However, once those protections were up, then you could’ve found yourself in a rough place. This is a great example of how staying up to date with daily news like assistance opportunities, deadlines, etc. can help you plan your finances.

What About Money & Assets?

This should go without saying but money is an important aspect of life. Now while money isn’t everything, it can greatly help financial difficulties that you are struggling with. Understanding how to manage and grow your money and assets is a very important piece of reaching your peak financial health. That is why we like to have content about a wide array of topics that touches on these two things.

Understanding Credit & Debt

Many people deal with either credit issues, debt issues, or both! That is why we have a category that specifically focuses on those two things. Credit in general is something that many people don’t know how to deal with. Combine that with different forms of debt and you have a rough financial situation. We believe that once you structure your finances to handle your debt all while improving your credit can mean that you have a strong foundation to achieve your peak financial health.

Highlighting Opportunities

Oftentimes people can struggle with achieving their best financial health because they lack resources and education. Education is an important component because with proper education, you can find available opportunities that can help better your situation. If you are ignorant to these opportunities, then you cannot reap the benefit of the assistance and support that they may be able to provide. Opportunities can help people set the foundation they need when improving their financial health!

How Can Financial Health Network Help You?

While here at FHN we may not be able to directly help out the specific situation you’re dealing with, we can certainly help you get the knowledge you need to feel more confident in achieving your peak financial health. That confidence you gain can help you make decisions whether you decide to get help from a professional or you research a wide array of topics and make a decision on your own. Either way, we want to help you by providing education that can give you knowledge on topics that you may need more information on.

Let’s check out an example! Let’s say that there is a homeowner named Jessica whose original mortgage was a 30-year term. Jessica owns 45% equity in her home and after 7 years with not a single missed payment, and a higher credit score from when she originally got her mortgage, she wants to see how she can help her financial situation. When reviewing articles on our site, she comes across one that goes over what a mortgage refinance is and how it can help eligible homeowners. After reading this article, she may decide that a mortgage refinance may be something she wants to consider since she wants a lower monthly payment and to spend less over the course of her mortgage. The information she read on our site can help her make the decision to speak with a loan officer at her local bank to discuss refinancing opportunities. After speaking to her bank, she may realize that she doesn’t like them as a lender. She can use information on this site to review other top lenders that may be able to provide better opportunities. While the information Jessica read wasn’t tailored to her situation, it was able to provide the knowledge she needed to help her make decisions.

The same concept of how this site can help is applicable to those that are even in a worse off situation than “Jessica”. Let’s look at another example! Let’s say there is an individual named Brandon who has always had a hard time with money. After he quit his job due to personal reasons, he doesn’t know where he can start making money. Brandon can review content on our site to see if there is any information that can help. While looking through what we have, he comes across an article about online income opportunities. He finds that there are way more opportunities than he realized and can use that information to help him find more online jobs in a field that he once didn’t know existed!

Even though these are two vastly different scenarios of people dealing with their own unique situations, our site may be able to help. The insight that they gain can provide them the knowledge they need to reach peak financial health. Who knows, you may even be able to benefit from just a bit of research more than you think!

What if You Have a Problem?

While we hope that you never have a problem with us, we still encourage you to reach out even if you do! Like we said earlier, we are all about feedback. If you want to let us know ways that our site can improve, how your personal experience on our site could be better, etc., then we want you to reach out to contact(at)financialhealth.net. Any problems that you may have should be brought to our attention as soon as possible! If you want to learn more about how you can contact us, you can review our “Contact Us” page.

How are We Different?

While we may have similar content as other sites, our articles try to be easy to understand for our readers on many different types of issues that a variety of people may deal with. Focusing on the fact that we want our content to be easy to understand and relevant may be what makes us a site you prefer compared to other sources of information.

About Us Overall

Here at FHN, we want to support people to achieve their best financial health through a variety of aspects in life. That is why we have a bunch of different categories but highlight Daily News, Money & Assets, Credit & Debt, and Opportunities. There is a bunch of information that can help you gain knowledge and insight to assist you in making more educated decisions for your financial situation.

We want you to please keep in mind that we do not provide specialized assistance for your unique situation. We can provide you tools to use like free education to help you achieve your peak financial health. Regardless of the situation you’re dealing with, there should be articles on our site that can give you more information. If you are looking for a more specialized approach then you may benefit from getting professional advice in the industry you are interested in. Our content doesn’t take into consideration what you are dealing with and should not be used in place of professional opinions.

If you have any questions, feedback, suggestions, etc. for our site, we recommend that you reach out to contact(at)financialhealth.net.

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