Stock Market Survival Guide: Common Mistakes New Investors Make

( The stock market can be a stressful ordeal for those who don’t have experience. There are a lot of questions that new investors would need to ask themselves to make a wise investment. Would mutual funds be better than shares? Are there certain markets that are safe to put money in? Can there be other parts of the market that are not considered safe? Is successful investing all about timing?

The best thing to do to add some clarity is to start by working with an experienced brokerage firm. These companies usually have well-trained professionals who would be able to guide you towards what’s best. It’s also important to have the right investment goals. How can you become a successful investor if you don’t know what you want to achieve? Being inexperienced, it’s hard not to fall into a trap or two while investing in the stock market. Therefore, we’ve compiled all the common mistakes that new investors have made in the past, so you don’t do the same. Are you ready to dive in?

Not Paying Off Debt Before Investing 

Investing while in debt is a setup for financial ruin. Therefore, getting rid of all high-interest loans and credit card debts is an essential part of improving your overall financial health. In addition, you need to focus your efforts on building an emergency fund. This is essential for your survival if anything should go wrong.

Not Having an Objective 

The financial world is all about having goals. Hence, nobody can assess the success or failure of a plan without understanding what the objectives were. Sit down and find a nice quiet spot to put some thinking into this matter. Do you want to build funds for retirement? Are you seeking to get more funds to pay for your kids’ college? These are the issues that you need to be keeping in mind while drawing out your financial plan.

Not Studying Your Investments Deeply

Anything that you don’t understand doesn’t deserve your money. Make that your mantra as a beginner. Many beginners have lost money because they chased after investments that had a strong reputation and turned out to fail. Hence, study each and every investment you make before giving any type of contribution. Don’t run after investments you don’t understand, even if they look promising.

Not Turning Your Emotions Off 

The investment world is a place where you need to switch your emotions off and your rational mind on. It may be challenging to do that these days because of the influence of social media on our lives. Many beginners make the mistake of relying on social media for the latest developments in the market. This is never a good idea. Many outlets on social media rely on sources that are not credible. It only serves to spread misleading and inaccurate information.

Sticking Your Head in the Ground

The stock market is for people who have their eyes glued to the financial news on a daily (or possibly hourly) basis. Therefore, this needs to be part of your daily routine if you plan to be a successful investor. Developments can happen very quickly and you’ll have to know where to put your money next. Keep ears and eyes open!

Having a Portfolio with No Diversity 

You’ve got a problem if you’ve put all your eggs in one basket. If you’ve only invested in the automotive industry, who knows if the auto market could plummet tomorrow? Just because all your money is in oil does not necessarily mean you’re going to get rich overnight. As a matter of a fact, it might destroy you financially. Disasters can happen very quickly. What you need to do is diversify your portfolio so that if one industry does badly, you’ll have alternative investments in other sectors. This is extremely important if you want to survive the high-risk market.

~Here’s to your Financial Health!

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