Almost Penniless? Become a Startup Investor

( What measures success is not what you start with. What you gain is what determines your success. Startups succeed because of a group of committed professionals working hard to achieve the impossible. Their ideas are often all about inventions designed to change human society.

It takes a lot more than diligence and innovation for a startup to succeed. Startups need the financial backing of people like you! For this reason, investments play a crucial role in getting them the funds that they need. Becoming an investor is more than just making money. It’s about contributing just a little bit to the ideas that will change society for the better. There’s no need to be amongst the elite or the affluent to contribute. We’re going to show you what successful startup investing is all about. You’re also going to see how you can contribute, even if it’s a small amount.

Understanding Startup Investing

Understanding the market inside out is essential before you start. The risks are real and you need to be aware of them. Sometimes there might not be a return on your investment at all. That’s a reality that you’re going to have to accept. On the other hand, some startups agree to give some of their investors a refund. It’s important to do your research!

Knowing the difference between the stock market and the startup scene is also essential. It’s important not to confuse yourself with these two types of investment environments. If you’re a beginner, there are a couple of platforms you should try out:


MicroVentures may sound small but’s definitely great for big gains. With its user-friendly features, this platform is ideal for investors just starting out. It even allows you to invest during the early stage in the startup lifecycle. Priding itself on inclusiveness, investors can make contributions as small as 100 bucks. Offering a diverse array of different opportunities, you will get to invest in anything from digital marketing to sports-related initiatives.

For those keen on doing their research, the platform offers all the information an investor would need to decide where their money should go. What are you waiting for? Give it a shot!


10 bucks can get you a lot of things. But we bet you didn’t think it could be a startup investment. Republic makes this all possible! So if money is tight and you want to invest, you know where to go.

From a startup’s perspective though, Republic is really hard to get into. As a highly selective platform, startups will have to pass a four-step screening process. There’s no doubt that Republic will work to dig deep before letting anyone on its last platform. Nonetheless, this is good news for all investors. Republic, in this way, almost guarantees a good return on your investment!


Planting the seed to success is a gutsy decision. No platform treasures gutsy investors as much as SeedInvest. Taking the initiative to get involved with SeedInvest will no doubt have its reward. The platform is extremely competitive to get into for startups, with an acceptance rate of less than 1%. Low acceptance rates mean that there’s an almost 100% guarantee that there will be a rewarding return on your investment. In other words, SeedInvest is where daring investors can take advantage of ambitious business ideas.


Starting your investment life, you’ll also enjoy using Wefunder as an investment platform. Ambition is part of their main business philosophy. They intend to help out more than 20,000 startups before the end of the decade. Signup and give it a shot. You never know where your next big break might come from.

~Here’s to your Financial Health!

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