The Easier Way to Catch Subscription Renewals Before You’re Billed

Catch those subscription renewals before they happen!


Subscriptions Can Be a Real Convenience… When They Don’t Get Out-Of-Hand
Considering the “sign up free” electronic world we live in, it’s no wonder so many of us hold numerous subscriptions. Have you had issues with a free trial running out?

Or maybe you forgot your annual Country Living subscription payment was coming out, and it threw your checking account a little out of whack. While they may be minor inconveniences, several monthly or annual obligations can wreak havoc on your budget. We’ll show you the easy way to stop those charges before they start.

Popular App Choices
Everyone needs a gentle reminder now and then. If you have a handful of magazine, newspaper, and software subscriptions that renew at different times of the year, a phone app can help you save money and get organized.

These are helpful because you can customize them quickly and be notified in advance when rates will change and when you’ll be billed. Apps like Trackmysubs require a small monthly fee but can save you hundreds annually of unwanted renewal costs. Some other perks include:

  • Text alerts of upcoming subscriptions
  • Chart formats to show how much you’ve spent on subscriptions
  • How much money you spend and waste on extra fees and charges

This gives you a clear perspective to either cancel your subscription or call the company and negotiate and better price rate before it renews. Other apps to check out are Bobby V2 and Truebill.

Set Up a Spreadsheet Tracker
If you’re one of those people who loves to jot down your monthly bills on an old tablet and it works for you — that’s great! Handy with computer software programs like Excel? If so, this helpful tool can help organize your subscriptions and recurring bills. Create a spreadsheet with all your subscriptions line-by-line. Include due dates and highlight which subscriptions you plan to renew and those you wish to cancel.

Turn On Text Alerts
Remembering upcoming bill payments and expired contracts can be a challenge, especially if you have several to keep track of. If you miss the date, you’ll be billed and it can be difficult, if not impossible to get a refund. Some subscriptions offer text alerts to notify you when a payment will be deducted and when your annual membership expires. Turn on these alerts so you won’t miss an expiration date.

Designate a Specific Email Account
In order to catch a subscription renewal, you have to read it. Many web hosting and online membership renewal reminders can end up in your spam folder or overlooked through your regular account. Just like you might have an email for the online surveys you take, have one for your bills and subscriptions too. Set up a designated email account just for annual subscriptions and adjust your spam filters so you see everything in your inbox. This is another way to stay on top of your subscriptions.

If you meant to cancel that free trial or just wanted to switch to another phone carrier after your plan expires, a reminder can really help. Making changes and canceling subscriptions after they’ve renewed can lead to more fees and a lot of hassle. Knowing how to catch a subscription renewal before you get a bill will save time and money in the long run!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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