How the Way You Shop Impacts Your Community

(FinancialHealth)- How and where you shop is often a decision you make based on affordability and convenience. It can often be a decision you make out of habit–shopping at the places that are familiar. But shopping at small businesses in the community can have a powerful impact on the local economy. Take less than two minutes to watch this short video to see how the way YOU shop can make your community stronger:

Shopping small can also be a habit. To better support your community, you can frequent local farmer’s markets or participate in a local farming cooperative to receive fresh produce. You can choose to buy from local artists, artisans, and authors. You can check out agritourism in your area. You can even frequent local shops for gifts and visit local restaurants for dining.

Once you start considering how your purchase impacts the community, it may feel good to stop at the local shop rather than heading to the nearest big-box store. It’s good for small businesses, but it’s also good for you–for your health, the environment, and your community. It may seem like a small choice, but it’s sure to have a BIG impact.

~Here’s to your Financial Health!

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