Why Pet-Sitting is the Purrfect Side Gig

Why Pet-Sitting is the Purrfect Job for Older Adults
Why Pet-Sitting is the Purrfect Job for Older Adults

(FinancialHealth.net) – Seniors looking to make some extra cash should give pet-sitting a try. Not only is it a simple way to earn money, but it also has quite a number of health and wellness-related benefits as well. It’s the purrfect job for older adults who enjoy the company of animals.


Many older adults are left alone with no one to keep them company. Pets provide companionship, giving people another life to look after and spend time with regularly. Owning a pet is a lot of work, though — which is why many seniors decide not to have one. Instead, they can pet-sit for someone in the neighborhood to get their regular dose of companionship.

Improved Mood

People who spend time with animals often experience an improvement in their mood. Simply sitting with the pet in your lap can help you feel at ease and stress-free. You focus so much on petting them and seeing them happy that your own worries melt away. Go pet-sit and see how much better of a mood you’re in by the time you’re done.

Benefits for the Pet

While there are benefits for humans when pet-sitting, it’s great for the pets as well. The pet may experience a change in mood after spending time with a person because they aren’t left alone to fend for themselves. Instead, they know they have someone they can count on to provide food and even companionship.
You don’t have to watch an animal for the entire day. Find someone who just needs a sitter for a few hours. You can even take up dog walking instead, if you want to get the same benefits without all the extra responsibilities and time. Seniors hoping to gain a companion and improve their mood while also earning money should try this gig out for a while. It may just be the best job you’ve ever had.

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