Earning Money Online Through Survey Sites

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(FinancialHealth.net) – Finding ways to earn money online is a common goal for many people. You want a simple way to save up some cash without having to leave the house. Whether you work online full time, or you want to do it on occasion, you can earn money through survey sites. There are multiple options available that pay in cash or merchandise.


Paidviewpoint offers payments through PayPal. The site emails you regularly to let you know about survey opportunities based on the information you entered during your initial setup. Most surveys only award ten cents, but a quick ten questions is all it takes. You typically get paid once you reach the $15 minimum threshold.

Inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars not only lets you fill out surveys, but it also has games to play, videos to watch, and a search engine that rewards you for using it. You can choose to have a paper check sent to you once you accumulate $30, or you can have a prepaid debit card sent instead.


OnePoll lets you share opinions, take interesting surveys, and win cash prizes the more you use the site. They also pay by PayPal, meaning you have to have an account before you can sign up. You essentially work for a marketing research company offering insight into products you have used.
These are just a few among a list of many. Check out one or all of them and find a new survey site to earn you some cash. You may not make a full time income, but you could earn enough to supplement your existing income.

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