5 Fun, Affordable Day Trips and Where to Find Them

Day trips are fun and affordable.

A Day Trip Can Be a Fun Break From Your Everyday Routine That Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank
Having a fun trip to look forward to can make life rewarding. While big, lavish vacations are a dream come true, finding an affordable alternative closer to home is sometimes just what the doctor ordered to escape the day-to-day stresses and routines. Day trips, or “daycations”, allow you to go somewhere exciting fast for a lot cheaper than jetting off to a far-away destination. Here are five affordable day trip ideas loaded with fun.
Grapes and Grains
Beer and wine lovers should check out a winery or microbrewery in the area for upcoming festivals or events. Many offer tasting sessions that include specialty foods and pairings that make for a whole-day affordable getaway! Day tours of the grounds and facilities show exactly how the spirits are made. Visitors can sip away till their heart’s content as they try different flavors and varieties, all while learning more about the property’s unique story and history. For more information or a calendar of events, inquire through a local travel agency or local microbrewery websites.
Art Festival Fun
Gather up some friends and other art enthusiasts and head over to an art festival in a nearby city or town. These events let visitors hone in on local talent while experiencing nationwide events currently passing through. Traveling art displays and exhibits often stop at local museums and libraries; admission is generally free or low-cost. This is a great way to explore fine art while making it an affordable getaway.
Botanical Garden Indulgences
Avid gardeners — and people who just love plants and flowers, too — can combine a getaway to a local botanical garden with classes and events. Plant pros educate guests on plant care and teach them about native species. A guided tour by an educated botanist or master gardener gives visitors another glance inside the mechanics and delicacy of each plant.
Plant swaps and sales are worth the trip, especially if you are looking for a particular plant or shrub. Check park and garden websites or stay connected to ensure you’re first on the draw for tickets and waitlists.
Casino and a Concert
Many travel agencies partner with casinos to offer affordable day trips to seniors, retirees, groups and individuals. Transportation is generally provided by shuttle or tour bus. Gaming vouchers and lunch are often included, especially in inclusive packages from travel agencies and tour companies. Some ticket prices might even include a concert or stage show. Ask a local travel agent to keep you posted for trips based on your interest and budget.
Do a Day Cruise
People who happen to live near a body of water are lucky to be able to utilize everything it has to offer. A day cruise is a fun way to enjoy all of these amenities as you sail away from all of your stress for a while. Local cruises are also an affordable alternative to a large cruise ship; you won’t leave for as long, meaning you won’t spend as much. Best of all, they still offer great food and entertainment at a fraction of the cost.
If you’re looking for a quick, fun getaway, day trips are just the thing. Explore local businesses and check advertising boards and newsletters for upcoming local events. You’ll be surprised at how many opportunities there are to have fun while preserving your budget the entire time!
~Here’s to Your Financial Health