The Gig Economy Attracts Seniors in Droves

The Gig Economy Attracts Seniors in Droves
The Gig Economy Attracts Seniors in Droves

( – Retired seniors often find themselves at home with nothing to do. They’ve taken vacation time, caught up with old friends, and even organized around the house. Once those tasks are done, many older adults are left feeling empty — with nothing to keep them occupied. The gig economy is great for seniors because it gives them something to do to fill their time and share their experiences with others.

Driving Gigs

Companies like Uber and Lyft are always looking for qualified drivers. Older adults who just retired might enjoy driving people to their destinations. It gets them out and about while they earn some extra spending money. But, it’s also a great way to see new areas in the community and get to meet more people.

Renting Out Rooms

Sites like Airbnb allow homeowners to rent out rooms for the week or weekend. Retirees looking to make some money can turn an old spare room into a guest room to rent for a fee. You get to remain in your home for the duration and simply have someone come in to share the space for a short while. It not only gets you cash, but perhaps some companionship as well.

Running Errands

Take some time to run errands for others and earn some cash. You can use a site like TaskRabbit to find the gigs. You could end up doing anything from helping someone get their groceries, to driving them around, and even helping transport belongings from one location to another.


Another option to try is pet-sitting. You can either choose to have the pet dropped off or you can visit the owner’s house and check up on the animal there. If you’ve never had pets in your home, watching the animal at their own house may be the best option.

The gig economy welcomes seniors with open arms. There are plenty of tasks older adults can find to occupy their time. It’s not just about earning cash, either. It’s about enjoying the time off you worked so hard to get.

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