First-Time Investor? You Need a Brokerage Account

( Are you ready for your safari in the wild world of investing? It’s great that you’ve decided to join the ranks of those who seek an alternative means of income, which is why we have decided to show what steps you need to take to become a serious investor. Learning the tricks of the trade shouldn’t be difficult, but really make a profit you have to have experience. Your journey may be a long one, but now we are going to show how to open a brokerage account, which is the first thing you need to do to become an investor.

Learning the Basics 

Brokerage accounts function much like any conventional bank account, except it is primarily used for trading securities, including bonds, stocks, and mutual funds. You’ll have all the freedom you want to transfer money and complete all the trading tasks needed to make yourself profitable. Though with a regular bank account you do have all these advantages, brokerage accounts will give you an added benefit in that you will have the needed access to freely trade securities at will and seek all the investment opportunities to help you make the profits you are seeking to earn.

As with many business activities, once your brokerage account is established, what you make will be taxed by the government. Though this may sound inconvenient, you have the prerogative of being permitted to take out all your money from the account if you want and brokerage accounts do not have investment limits so you can put as much as you want into the investments that you plan to make.

Opening a brokerage account requires that you work with a legitimate brokerage firm that is licensed, but with the active financial market that we have nowadays, you should find plenty of potential firms to work with. Some people opt for the more expensive stockbroker who offers full services, but if you want to save money you should choose to work with the more budget-friendly online brokers to establish your account. It goes without saying that the easiest and fastest way to get a brokerage account that you need to start trading is by using an online broker, where once you sign up with the guidance of a professional, you’ll just have to put a deposit in the account to activate it. Away you go!

What Account Provider Fits You?

Knowing that you need a brokerage account is one thing, but knowing the right account provider to work with is another art that you will have to master as well, and that will come with experience. Basically there are two types of brokers you can work with: either online brokers which will give you less individual attention or investment advisors who pay will a lot more attention to you.

The key to choosing the right account provider is based on your individual preferences. Online brokers tend to give their clients more independence, less consultation, and also tend to be cheaper. However, investment advisors (sometimes you will be working with robo-advisors) will give you a lot more advice on where you can put your investments to be profitable since they are professionally trained and have experience. Robo-advisors use computer-generated mathematical projections to decide where your investments should go.

In other words, if you want to go on this journey solo, then going online is your best bet since it’s cheaper but riskier because you’ll be getting less support. On the other hand, if you choose to work with an investment advisor, you will get a lot more support, but less freedom. In either case, what you need to take note of is that the broker’s role is to act as an intermediary between you and the investments you want to make. Their role at the very most to advise, but in the end since you own the brokerage account, you can call the shots on where the money goes.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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