Online Tool to Help You Find Resources

It can be difficult navigating the world of assistance options, especially when you are dealing with additional stress from your current situation. That is when online tools like BenefitsCheckUp, can help make finding resources more manageable.

BenefitsCheckUp is a tool provided by the National Council on Aging to provide seniors with accessible resource options in an easy to view way. You can find programs on every level from local, to state, to federal. The resources on this tool can help for many problems from the cost of food, utilities, transportation, medicine, and more. It is easy to find benefits that are meant to help your situation. You will also be able to have a nice variety because there are over 2,500 resources available across the country.

For the best results you will need to update your profile to include information about yourself like location, age, etc. Once you fill out the basic information, you will then fill out a survey to provide additional details like your medication, income, etc. This profile will help you get matched with programs for your specific needs. Once matched you will have the report of possible assistance options that you should consider applying for!

Dealing with technology and finding resources can be a very daunting task, especially as a senior. Make sure to easily review what assistance options may be available for your situation the right way! It is also important to keep checking back because programs are added and updated all the time.