Extra Income for Homeowners

Side Gigs for Homeowners

Own a house? Rent an apartment? Get a little more equity out of your investment by putting your spare space to work.

  • Vacation Rentals – Offer your home as a vacation rental on sites like VRBO. This can be especially lucrative if you live or have a vacation home in a quiet vacation atmosphere or tourist area.
  • Rent Your Home or Apartment – You don’t necessarily need to live in a tourist area to rent your home. People travel for work, find themselves in need of short-term living situations, and sometimes just want to explore on the cheap. Putting a spare room to work on a site like Airbnb could bring in a steady income throughout the year.
  • Rent your RV – Ok, maybe your RV isn’t actually your home, but it’s an extension of your home when you travel. Why let it collect dust when you’re not jetsetting? RVshare and Outdoorsy are examples of sites where you can list your RV for rent.
  • Rent Parking Space – Have a spot in a paid lot you don’t always need to use? Have a double-wide driveway and don’t need both sides? SItes like Pavemint allow you to rent out your spare space. Consider EV Match if you have an electrical car charger hook-up at your house.
  • Rent Garage Space – It’s like Airbnb, but for cars. Head over to GaragePointer to find people who need short or long term storage solutions for spare or classic cars. Clean that garage and put it to good use!

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