Popular High-Paying Side Jobs

Sometimes, you will find yourself needing more money than you make. You might not have a great job and you might not have enough money. But, technology is one step ahead of you. If you have stable WiFi, a smartphone and laptop, and maybe a little dedication, then you can make good money through side jobs. You should not underestimate the power of side jobs, because a little can go a long way. A little money can help you with your current situation.

You will find that there are online side jobs that can give you quick cash and help you in a tight spot. This article will tell you everything you need to know about high-paying side jobs.

Do not be ashamed of needing extra cash; we all need extra cash. These side jobs will help you earn more money and keep your full-time job at the same time. It really cannot hurt to get a side job, especially if you need an extra push. If you need a quick buck, then you should consider these jobs; they will help you make the money you need in no time.

Job #1: Online Focus Groups – Your Opinion Matters, No Matter What It Is!

One of the most popular side jobs these days is working in a focus group! You can participate in focus groups and it will make you a lot of money on an hourly basis. The hourly rate ranges from $20 per hour to $600. Basically, focus groups are groups of people where you will participate to answer questions and give your opinion. A lot of research needs focus groups that will allow you to give your opinion and the research will understand the sample of the population.

If you participate in focus groups, then the research team will pay you to answer your questions and express yourself on different aspects. In order to find a focus group, you can look through different online platforms. There are various platforms that allow you to find what you are looking for. These online platforms include Respondent, WatchLAB, and, and Focusscope. Additionally, you can find very useful listings on User Interviews. These online platforms will provide you with different topics that need focus groups as part of their research.

Job #2: Surveys – A Penny For Your Thoughts (Literally)

This might not turn you into a billionaire overnight, but you will make good money out of it. It is a great opportunity to get away with a little extra cash. All you need to do is click a bunch of buttons and you are good to go. You can make good money, if you use all of the paid survey websites below. Additionally, you could receive a $20 dollar bonus if you sign up for all of them. This article created a list of different websites that can provide you with surveys that you can answer for quick cash. You can find paid surveys on the following four websites: Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, MyPoints, and VIP Voice.


This website is a hidden gem for anyone who wants to make money through online surveys. You can get $5 by signing up and get more awards when you start using the website.

Survey Junkie

With this website, you will find that it has a clean, professional look and gets quick cash on short notice. Once you complete 1,000 points on Survey Junkie, then you will receive $10 dollars that they will deliver to your PayPal account or in the form of a gift card.


With MyPoints, you will have the chance to win a lot of gift cards, if you participate in polls, complete surveys, and complete other online tasks on the website. Also, you will be able to earn $5 after completing the first five surveys.

VIP Voice

If you are looking for quick cash, then VIP Voice is the choice for you. This website pays its participants in cash and gift cards. Even if you do not feel like completing an entire survey, then you can still receive points. You can log in a couple of times a week and you will find that you will have quite a lot of extra cash in a month’s time.

Job #3: InboxDollars – Watch Until You Drop

Do you like the idea of watching videos for a living? Is it acceptable for you to spend hours of your day watching YouTube videos until you fall asleep? If your answer is yes, then you should think about working for InboxDollars. With InboxDollars, you will need to watch videos over and over again. That is your job description, surprisingly. Basically, InboxDollars needs you to watch short videos and pays you for it. It sounds too good to be true, but it is actually a real job. You will need to sign up and you will get a $5 dollar bonus for it! You need to make sure that you view all of the videos on your playlist to earn the money. Beforehand, you will know what your playlist looks like. The videos range from a couple of minutes to half an hour.

Job #4: Catching and Correcting Search Engine Mistakes – A Grammar Nerd At Its Finest

If you have basic tech-skills, then you should consider working for companies like Lionbridge. These companies need a search engine evaluator that will track and correct search engine errors. Sometimes the complicated algorithms that search engines use need someone to correct them. This side job can help you earn up to $12-15 per hour. If you work some hours on the weekend, then you could make almost $100 per week.

However, you will need to have some tech-savvy skills with this job. Human error is not exempted from search engines. It is perfectly natural to find a mistake here and there in a search engine. Regardless, most search engine companies need someone to look through and evaluate any mistakes. You will be able to look through all of the data, where you can find and fix any mistakes. As Google likes to phrase it, “Search evaluation is the process of measuring the quality of our search results and our users’ experience with search.” It is your job (literally) to enhance the user’s experience by making sure that there are no errors in the search engine. (Hering)

Job #5: Streaming on Twitch – Every Gamer’s Fantasy

One of the side jobs that is currently gaining popularity is Twitch income. You can earn good money if you play video games and stream it on Twitch. But, you will need to gain viewers to be able to earn good money. Think of it like having a YouTube channel, but for streaming. Twitch is a streaming platform for anything video games, including reaction videos and walkthroughs of different video games. Additionally, you will also be able to find live broadcasting, music podcasts, and creative content.

If you want to make money on the Twitch platform, then you should become an affiliate. You will need to gain a lot of viewers to be able to make money off of a Twitch channel. Basically, you need followers to make the money. According to CreditDonkey, “As an Affiliate, you can earn money with Twitch Bits and Subscriptions, plus selling various merchandise or other products. The requirements to be an Affiliate are:

  1. Minimum 500 total minutes broadcast in the last 30 days.
  2. Average of 3+ simultaneous viewers over the last 30 days
  3. Minimum 7 broadcast days in the last 30 days
  4. At least 50 followers” (Hawrylack)

Job #6: Data Entry – Pushing Paper Just Got Way More Interesting

You might not make a bucket load of money, but it is still a paying job, nonetheless. With data entry, you do not need specific skills or talents. You just need good WiFi, a working laptop, and you have to be at least 18 years old. If all of the above terms and conditions apply, then you can earn some money with data entry jobs on Smart Crowd and ClickWorker. These two websites will help you make money easily, either per hour or per project.

As a data entry specialist, you will transform raw data into digital files. The only disadvantage to data entry is that you will need to work long hours. In this case, you need to work hard, not smart.

Conclusion: Side Jobs Will Only Help and Never Hurt!

Overall, side jobs will help you make extra money that can keep you afloat. You will be able to pay off your debt or save money better this way. If you are currently struggling with your finances, then you should consider working a side job. This means that you work multiple jobs at the same time, without leaving your full-time job. (Hence, the “side” in side job). You will not be required to do much except have access to a stable internet connection and have really good time-management skills.

You can always participate in an online focus group, where you are paid for your opinion. (Talk about giving your two cents in, literally.) With online focus groups and surveys, you will need to answer questions on different topics, based on your opinion. Another side gig that could land you some quick cash would be watching videos. With InboxDollars, you can watch short videos on a playlist and get paid for it. This online video streaming platform is looking for viewers to watch videos and pay for them per playlist. Or, you could stream videos on the Twitch platform. Twitch is an online platform that breathes video games. If you think it would be the right fit for you, then you could work as an affiliate.

Additionally, you should consider catching and correcting search engine mistakes; that is a job, yes. Human error is natural, but nobody likes mistakes on their platform. Companies are now hiring search engineer evaluators who can catch any errors in search engines and fix them. But, this requires you to have a bit more technical skills than the average Joe.

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