Side Gigs for People Who Don’t Mind Getting a Little Weird

Side Gigs for People Who Don’t Mind Getting a Little Weird
Side Gigs for People Who Don’t Mind Getting a Little Weird

( There are a lot of things you can do that may seem a little weird. If you aren’t easily embarrassed and don’t mind interacting with strange people, these gigs could make you some serious cash. While some may not be currently available, it may pay to do your research and think outside the box when it comes to earning a little extra money on the side.

  • Posing for Art Students – Art teachers from legitimate colleges are constantly looking for people to stand-in as models, especially nude models. Get in touch with the instructors at local community colleges and art schools to find out what their needs are and how you can apply.
  • Sperm or Egg Donation – Men and women struggling with fertility often seek sperm and egg donations for use in in vitro fertilization treatments. Qualify at a reputable donation bank and you can make some quick cash for donating sperm. The process for women donating eggs is a lot more complicated, but it pays very well.
  • Get Paid to Go on a Date – Do you think you’re particularly good looking or generous? Sites like What’s Your Price claim to be saving people from getting ready for bad dates or being paired with those “out of their league.” List yourself on the site and get paid to accept dates with people you may not have considered before. You have nothing to lose.
  • Plasma Donation – Donating plasma is a bit more complicated and takes more time than a simple blood donation. You can earn an average of $20 to $50 per donation if you qualify. The number of times you can donate a month is limited, so use this for a bit of extra cash along with your existing job or side gigs.
  • Standardized Patient – Medical students need people to practice on, and that’s where standardized patients come into play. You’ll need to be a good actor who can play a specific role (fitting a demographic or having certain symptoms). Check out and local medical schools for standardized patient listings.
  • Sell Used Underwear – Some people have odd fetishes. This gig is for you if you’re willing to take the time to set up an anonymous mailing system and cater to their needs. Sites like PantyDeal will help you to get set up safely.
  • Be a Rental Friend – People need dates for weddings, parties, and other social events all the time. Get paid to be that date, no strings attached, on sites like Rent a Friend. Who knows, maybe you’ll actually make a new friend or romantic interest.
  • Cuddle for Cash – Have you ever just wished you had someone to cuddle with, but with no additional expectations? Use a site like CuddleComfort and offer your services as a professional cuddler to people who understand the limits of a good snuggle.
  • Sell Breast Milk – Yes, it’s legal. Yes, people need it. A lot of mothers with premature babies still want to breastfeed, but their supply dries up because of complications and/or lack of initial contact with their newborn babies. This is perfect for moms who overproduce and end up with too much extra in the freezer. Only The Breast is a great place to start your listing. Breast milk from specific diets (gluten-free, for example) can bring in even more than the average price.
  • Be a Human Billboard – Have you ever driven down a busy road only to see a fellow human holding a giant sign or dressed up like a chicken to advertise a local business? Make up a flyer and let local businesses know you’re willing to hit the pavement on their behalf, especially during non-peak hours. You can charge $20 or more on your own.

Earning extra cash doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, with these side hustles, it’ll be anything but! With a strong dose of humor and a little creativity, you could dive into the side gig of your (admittedly weirdest) dreams.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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