Side Gigs for People with Teaching Skills

Side Gigs for People with Teaching Skills
Side Gigs for People with Teaching Skills

(FinancialHealth)- Are you a teacher? Do you have the college credits, certification or experience necessary to teach in your area of expertise? There is a lot of demand for educated pros who can help others learn and grow.

  • Teach English – Are you a native English speaker? There are quite a few sites you can use to teach English as a second language to people in other countries. Be sure to do your research. The education requirements vary from site to site, but otherwise require a good internet connection and a great attitude. VIPKID, Qkids, Cambly, and Italki are sites you can explore to get started.
  • Tutoring – Are you good at communicating concepts to students who are struggling? K-12 and higher education students all need help from time to time. Check out sites like Brainfuse and Wyzant to get started.
  • SAT Tutoring – Did you do well on the SAT? Do you understand the type of study skills necessary for this specialized exam? Offer your time as a SAT tutor, either privately or in very small groups. Your ability to help a student improve their score will give you a great word-of-mouth reputation among parents.
  • Create Your Own Course – What makes you stand out from the crowd? Maybe you’re an amazing digital marketer, social media maven, artist or photographer. People sell courses on web development, design, personal growth, language, fitness and so much more. Consider creating your own to sell on Udemy, Pathwright or Teachable.
  • Adjunct Professor – Colleges are always looking for instructors who are willing to work part-time without jumping on the track to tenure. You might teach on campus or at one of your school’s satellite locations. This is a great gig for those who already have a Master’s degree and have spent time working in their area of expertise.
  • Music Lessons – Are you a talented musician, either skilled with an instrument or with a great voice? Musicians looking to make some extra cash can do pretty well offering private or small-group lessons. You’ll need a quiet place to practice and teach without distracting others. Advertise your services online and in local music/instrument supply shops.
  • Yoga or Pilates Lessons – You do need to be certified to formally teach yoga or Pilates, but there are a lot of opportunities out there for instructors with a bit of drive. Yes, you can teach group classes in gyms, but think outside the box. Private sessions, gentle sessions for assisted living facilities, and even mommy-and-me classes are all things you can offer in just about any space you can find.
  • Adult Education Classes – A lot of people simply want to take a class to learn something new; not necessarily for college credit. You can offer classes in a specific crafting method, American Sign Language, a foreign language, or any other skill you can break down into a series of 6-8 weeks. Look for programs put out by your township to find out how you can add yourself to the list of course offerings.
  • Computer Tutoring – Do you know your way around all of the major operating systems? Offer your skills as a tutor and teach people who aren’t computer-literate the basics of using the computer. Computer skills are more common among younger generations, but there are older people who didn’t have a lot of technology exposure in school who could benefit from some basic tutorials.

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