Best Part-time Jobs for Retirees

Best Part-Time Jobs for Seniors

( – Retirement brings the opportunity to travel and/or spend more time doing things you love with people you care about. However, it can also bring about feelings of boredom and the challenge of adjusting to life without working every day.

The answer to the perfect balance may be getting a part-time job to occupy your time while adding fast cash to your wallet! Here are some examples of part-time jobs that may interest you when you retire.

Flexible Freelancing
Freelancing has become an accepted career option for the self-employed as well as for employees of major companies looking to outsource work overflow. If you’re good at keeping your own schedule and meeting deadlines without supervision, freelancing may be for you. Businesses are searching for:

  • Writers and editors
  • Graphic artists
  • Research analysts
  • Virtual assistants and project managers
  • Data entry specialists

Promote yourself through websites like Upwork that help match freelance contractors with those looking for one-time or ongoing projects. A huge benefit is you can work wherever you want.

If you travel during the winter in your RV, you can take your laptop with you for project availability. There is no obligation and you can negotiate payment terms so you’re making the money you need.

Pet Sitting
There are a lot of lonely little critters home alone all day and an equally worried pet parent wondering how their furbabies are going to get let out to do their business. That’s where you come in. Offering your pet sitting or caregiver services is a win-win if you adore cats and dogs.

It could be as simple as cleaning out the litter box or providing dog walking once or twice a day. It’s a great way to hang out with some cute furry friends while adding to your finances!

Greenhouse Guru
You’re a pro at creating flower beds and stunning gardens that wow your neighbors every summer. So why not turn your expertise into something that can generate some side cash?

You can bring a lot to the table working with a local nursery center during peak planting season. Your job role may include suggesting planting combinations and building showcase gardens at the nursery center.

Santa’s Seasonal Helper
If wrapping presents is something you enjoy and get complimented on, consider a part-time job as a gift wrapper. Large retailers and malls look for talented individuals who are good at wrapping all shapes and sizes of gifts.

Not only can you showcase your talents, you get to meet people, which is good if you miss the interactive atmosphere of the workplace.

Open an Exclusive Etsy Shop
Maybe you’ve taken up a new hobby since retirement. Jewelry making, personalized journals and stationery sets are just some of the top selling items on Etsy. Instead of just giving away these things for free, turn your skills into a hobby that brings in some extra money.

Setting up an Etsy shop requires only a minimal investment. All you need is a nice camera and a little marketing ingenuity when creating product descriptions.

Whether it’s improving financial stability or holding off on collecting social security so your check will be larger, there are several possibilities for part-time job options after 65. The great news is most are versatile and flexible.

A part-time gig keeps you busy and active all while boosting your savings account!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health

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