This Site Pays You to Lose Weight (For Real!!)

An App That Pays You To Lose Weight

(FinancialHealth)- Make Money Betting on Yourself With HealthyWage!

Some of us need a little more motivation than others when it comes to making the right choices. Weight loss isn’t just about eating healthy and moving more. Reaching these goals takes a significant amount of mental determination and dedication as well. Money can be a powerful motivator and HealthyWage capitalizes on this concept by offering money to those who reach their weight loss goals.

What Is HealthyWage?

HealthyWage is a betting site, but users should look at it as though they’re betting on a healthy future — theirs! Studies have proven that incentivizing weight loss increases the user’s chances for losing weight — by up to 5 times more, and HealthyWage aims to improve overall weight loss success by tapping into this drive.

The site is simple to use. When each goal is met, the participant makes money on top of their initial investment. If the user doesn’t lose the amount of weight they chose at sign-up, they lose the total sum they’ve paid to the company. When someone loses, the money goes to the company for maintenance purposes and to help pay out winnings to other users.

HealthyWage requires a few calculations to get started, namely the user’s weight and height. It then uses these figures to calculate the registrant’s BMI and the potential prize for winning.

How Does it Work?

The site is designed for different types of challenges, including personal, corporate, and team options. Each challenge requires an investment, or bet as HealthyWage calls it, of over $100 spread across several months.

Users set the amount of weight they want to lose, with a minimum requirement of 10 percent of their current body weight. They also choose how long they think it will take them to achieve this goal. HealthyWage calculates and displays the prize amount range based on these two factors. To see the specific amount of the prize, users have to enter their current weight and height and create a password to run HealthyWage’s algorithm.
The user contributes their chosen bet amount each month for the selected term, which runs a minimum of 6 months and a maximum of 18 months. The more money invested in the challenge, the higher the potential payout, up to a maximum of $10,000.

At the conclusion of the selected term, those who “won” the bet by meeting their weight loss goals will receive their initial bet total, plus the interest that was calculated before accepting the bet. Those who did not meet the goal lose their wager, but they can buy an extension of 6 months to try to win the payout. In this instance, they will continue to pay the monthly bet amount for the extended term, but the payout will not change.

To keep the process fair, HealthyWage has a yo-yo rule in place. This rule states that participants who continually use the site to place multiple bets will start at the weight that they finished in their last contest where the winnings were $200 or more. This is an incentive for users to keep the weight off and maintain healthy habits after every wager.

How Does HealthyWage Verify Weight Loss?

Users log into the HealthyWage mobile app and use the camera on their device to do a video weigh-in. This is done twice, once at the beginning of the bet and again at the end of the term. The videos are later verified by a referee to authenticate the results.

When Are The Winnings Paid Out?

Once the challenge is completed, HealthyWage immediately pays out the winnings based on the payment method the participant selects. Payments can be made via PayPal or participants can choose to receive a paper check for a small fee. When it comes to weight loss, the more motivation a person has, the better the chances of meeting these goals and what better motivation than the chance to make extra money?

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