Tips on Staying Safe Using an Online Pharmacy

Don’t Put Your Health at Risk for Cheap Medicine

What’s more convenient than having the medications prescribed by a doctor delivered right to your front door? The ease of these purchases could come with a price, however, so it’s important to proceed carefully when using an online pharmacy.

According to the FDA, no more than 3% of online pharmacies are in compliance with the regulations created to keep individuals safe when ordering medications online. This means that 97% of pharmacies could be engaged in practices that could endanger patient health. Look for these signs to stay safe when ordering medication online.

The Risk of Buying Prescription Drugs Online

Individuals looking for a deal or simply trying to avoid regular trips to the pharmacy should know that ordering medication online comes with serious risks. Ordering prescription drugs could result in taking fake drugs, the wrong drug or below-standard drugs. This could result in unwanted side effects, the worsening of a condition or even a resistance to the prescribed medication.

Additionally, if a website is willing to put patient health at risk to make money, they’re likely not too concerned about the financial health of their customers. Without the necessary security to protect the private financial information of buyers, these sites create risk of identity theft. It also isn’t uncommon for sites to sell personal information, which results in those annoying calls that always seem to come during dinner.

Watch for Signs of Danger Before Buying Medication Online

All pharmacies, even online options, should require a prescription from a doctor. If a website doesn’t ask for this information, this is a pretty good indication they’re not legitimate. We all love a good deal, but finding medication online that is deeply discounted typically isn’t a dream come true. Instead, it’s a sign the pharmacy isn’t producing medications that are safe and effective.

Foreign pharmacies should be avoided and the FDA warns that these companies do not sell medications that are FDA-approved. Without this government agency’s oversight, it is impossible to be certain of the safety of a product.

What Makes an Online Pharmacy Safe

There are pharmacies selling medications online that are safely and honestly doing business. To find these companies, refer to a list of FDA-approved online pharmacies.

This list is not exhaustive and there may be other options online. Before buying online, check for a physical address and phone number indicating an official place of business. Then, ensure the business is not only licensed in the state where they operate but also in the states where they ship.

When your health is on the line, you can never be too careful! When in doubt, don’t buy from online pharmacies.

~ Here’s to Your Financial Health!