Top European Tours for Retirees

Discover the Gems of Europe With These Popular Tours

Part of the joy of retirement is using your savings to go on a bucket list trip of a lifetime! People choose Europe to get away and enjoy the beauty and mystique of places like Barcelona and Paris. A tour is often a guided group with an itinerary that highlights the best stops for travelers. From sightseeing landmarks to divine dinners, here are some unforgettable European tour package ideas for retirees.

London, England

Would you love to travel to England and surrounding countries all within a two-week time frame? With an expert guide to keep guests on a tight schedule, this tour starts and ends in London, England. Visitors will check out places like:

  • Buckingham Palace
  • Big Ben
  • Tower of London

The traveling doesn’t end there. Other stops include sipping beer in the Bavarian countryside and taking in the vast beauty of Vatican City in Rome. What’s included? Meals, lodging, a local shuttle and transportation to each stop, making it an all-inclusive option that leaves more money for souvenirs.

Barcelona, Spain

This intimate guided tour takes a small guest list from the heart of Barcelona to Baga, Ax Les Themes and Andorra. Baga, a small medieval town has a variety of quaint restaurants and shops.

The beauty extends to Ax Les Thermes where tourists can take in the magical waters and enjoy a relaxing spa day.

The trip ends with breathtaking mountain views in Andorra where travelers can hike and then grab a bite to eat before heading back to Barcelona. It’s perfect for retirees wishing for a personalized sightseeing experience.

Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, showcases a beauty unlike any other European city. If you’re short on a time, it’s the perfect tour for retirees who are interested in traveling to far away lands to see Gothic sites and experience fine local cuisine.

Starting in Venice, the guided walking tour showcases the majestic Imperial Castle.

From there, traveling over the Charles Bridge, tourists will learn about the local clock tower. It’s home to a medieval clock initially installed in 1410 — the third oldest astronomical clock in operation.

Lastly, guests can check out Wenceslas Square all while interacting with the locals and checking out specialty hot spots.

Paris, France

More than just the city of lights and romance, Paris has a lot of eateries, antique shops and world-renowned ballet performances that visitors to the city flock to see. How about skipping all of those crowded lines? This guided tour allows guests to plow past the crowds to see the artwork inside the Louvre and check out the views from the Eiffel Tower. After seeing Notre Dame, the tour ends with a relaxing cruise on the Seine River.

The time to start planning and saving for retirement and that fabulous European getaway is now. Making memories that will last a lifetime are waiting just outside the door.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!