Pssst … 3 Ways To Use Free Trials for Summer Savings

(FinancialHealth)- Summer is just around the corner, and it’s the perfect time to start planning how you’ll spend it. Even if a vacation isn’t in your plans, there are so many ways to be entertained and enjoy the summer without spending all your cash doing it. One of the easiest ways to save is to utilize free trial offers. Here are 3 free trials that could provide summer fun without breaking the bank.

#1 Free Music

Both Spotify and Amazon Music are offering new customers a 3-month FREE trial for new customers. Stream commercial-free music with this deal without worrying about monthly subscription fees. Whether you listen to music cruising down the road, out by the pool, or just in the comfort of your own home, these free trials could help you save.

#2 Free Movies and More

Hulu, Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, Amazon, and other streaming services offer free trials for new customers. To get the most out of these trials, decide which shows and movies you want to binge-watch this summer, and research where you can stream them. Then, plan your free trial accordingly.

#3 Free Fitness

If fitness goals are in your future, consider a free trial of a fitness app. Peloton offers a 30-day trial for new members, and you don’t have to have a bike, treadmill, or weights to give it a try. In fact, the app offers everything from family fitness to meditation to yoga to pilates. Whatever type of fitness you prefer, consider checking out a free trial before signing up for a paid app. For those who prefer to visit an actual gym or fitness facility, be sure to ask about trial offers there, too.

Just keep in mind that most free trials will take your credit card information. Pay close attention to the terms of the offer–and make sure you cancel with plenty of time to spare before your card is charged if you don’t want to continue the membership. Most will auto-renew, so be sure to set a calendar reminder to avoid unwanted charges.

Free trials can be a great way to try a new service at no cost. If you love it, you may be willing to invest in the monthly subscription fees. If you don’t, you won’t be out the cost of giving it a try. Get ready for summer–and all the summer savings!

~Here’s to your Financial Health!

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