Get Kickbacks for Amazon Late Deliveries With This App

Get Kickbacks for Amazon Late Deliveries With This App

Paribus Gets You Financial Restitution When Amazon Doesn’t Deliver
Launched in 2014, Paribus was created with a singular goal — to make sure online shoppers get the refunds they deserve. Compatible with Amazon, this app tracks the shipping updates of your expected deliveries. Each time your Amazon package shows up late, they issue you a free month of Prime in the form of a gift card. Let’s look at how it works.

Getting Packages On Time Is Important

For many Amazon Prime members, free and quick shipping is a huge draw. Whether you’re doing some last minute shopping for an upcoming birthday or replenishing a pantry staple, being able to order with the click of a button is definitely convenient.
However, if you’ve ever taken advantage of two-day shipping only to find yourself waiting for a package past it’s anticipated arrival date, you know just how frustrating late deliveries can be.
Here’s the good news — Paribus wants you to get compensated when your package isn’t on time. And, it wants to make getting that compensation as easy as possible.

Get Kickbacks for Late Deliveries

Paribus keeps track of expected packages for you. Once you place your order, it keeps a close eye on shipping dates and takes note when Amazon fails to live up to their two-day shipping promise. Then, Paribus issues you a gift card for a free month of Amazon Prime.
Although it isn’t explicitly expressed on its customer service page, Amazon users do report getting kickbacks from Amazon after approaching them about late package deliveries. The beauty of Paribus is that it does the work for you, so you automatically get the kickbacks you’re owed without the hassle of contacting customer service.

Get Refunds for Price Changes

There’s more to love about Paribus since it also keeps track of your owed refunds. Although this app isn’t able to offer price-protection refunds from Amazon since Amazon suspended this service in 2017, Paribus does offer price-protection through other online retailers including Target, Walmart, and Nordstrom.
Just like tracking packages in transit, Paribus uses an algorithm to watch the prices of your recent online purchases and step in when a price drops to help you secure a refund for the difference between what you paid and the current product price.

How to Get Started With Paribus

If you’re an online shopper interested in getting compensated for late deliveries and refunds for price changes, getting started with Paribus is simple. From the homepage, users can link this service to an email provider. From there, Paribus keeps an eye out for qualifying purchases and alerts you when there’s something you need to know.
As far as cost goes, Paribus is completely free for consumers. When you receive a refund or a gift card, you get 100% of what you are owed. Sounds like a win-win to us!
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