No Cost Devices are Available Without ACP

Loads of people can agree that the COVID pandemic caused a financial strain. However, a brightside was that it provided a sense of urgency for the government to create relief programs that ended up helping people even after the pandemic ended. One such opportunity was the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that helps millions of households across the country. Even though this program was temporary, it was able to help households up until nearly mid 2024! Sadly, funding is running out which means households are going to have to understand what to do next. Thankfully, there are still opportunities to benefit similarly to the ACP!

Getting a No Cost Device Without ACP

Starting off, knowing the ACP’s details is key for benefits even after its budget runs out. The FCC created it to assist households with internet costs. Eligible homes could get a $30 monthly discount on internet services, or $75 if on tribal lands. Plus, there was a chance for a one-time $100 saving on an eligible device. However, it was only available if the household spent $10 to $50 and shopped from certain sellers. Each home could only get a discount on one device and one internet service. To qualify, a household’s income had to be below double the federal poverty level, a figure that’s updated every year.

Working with Other Programs to Provide More Support

The ACP’s impact was amplified when paired with other programs like Lifeline, especially with specific providers. This partnership often led to free devices for users. A good example is TruConnect, which had various plans based on whether recipients were eligible for just Lifeline, ACP, or both. Being eligible for both could even mean getting a free phone.

Even with the ACP’s funding gone, there are still ways to snag a free phone. It’s easier than you might think. Carriers are adjusting to the end of the program. Take AirTalk Wireless, for instance. They allow the transfer of ACP benefits for a free smartphone, in line with Lifeline and ACP plan combinations. This ensures continued benefits for ACP users. And that’s just one company’s method – checking out different providers could reveal more such opportunities.

Other Companies That are Providing a Free Phone/Free Services

Not only are TruConnect and Airtalk Wireless providing a pivot for the end of ACP, but so are other carriers! Another one is Safelink Wireless. Again, there are plenty of options available, so you want to do research to see what you can take advantage of. But these are just three worth mentioning!


If you’re part of the ACP and switch to TruConnect, you’ll enjoy unlimited talk, text, and data. They’re even throwing in two free months of Amazon Prime. Lifeline recipients get extra benefits with TruConnect, like high-speed data up to 6 GB, unlimited talk and text, a free SIM card for your device, and unlimited international calls to certain countries. It’s a great package for staying connected!

AirTalk Wireless

Even after ACP ends, you can maintain your service by joining the Lifeline program with AirTalk, a standout choice they offer. If you’re already with AirTalk and have both ACP and Lifeline, no stress – your Lifeline benefits will keep going post-ACP. AirTalk’s Lifeline service is available in over 50 states, so you’ll stay connected as usual. Your service remains unchanged until ACP’s final day. For Lifeline-only customers, good news: your service continues seamlessly. And if you’re with another provider using ACP, think about switching to AirTalk. They’ve got added bonuses like a free smartphone and more.

Safelink Wireless

If you’re using ACP with a different provider, consider switching to SafeLink’s ACP program. They offer free monthly wireless service, unlimited talk and text, and data. For those already with SafeLink, your next steps depend on your current plan. If you’re enrolled in both Lifeline and ACP, just sit tight – no extra steps needed. After ACP ends, you’ll lose its benefits but keep Lifeline.

But, if you’re only in ACP, you have the option to apply for Lifeline. And if you’re already a Lifeline-only customer, relax, there’s nothing more you need to do. Already part of ACP under a different provider? Switching to SafeLink lets you tap into America’s top network. You’ll get a free smartphone and enjoy unlimited talk, text, plus complimentary data.

Bottom Line

While the COVID pandemic brought financial challenges, it also encouraged the government to create relief programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). This initiative helped millions, but now with its funding ending, people need to explore other options. Fortunately, opportunities still exist for similar benefits.

Other carriers are stepping up. This means offering free wireless service, unlimited talk, text, and data, and even free devices to ensure users stay connected. Overall, the end of ACP doesn’t spell the end of support. Households can continue to enjoy free or discounted services through alternative methods!