No Cost Devices are Available Without ACP

Loads of people can agree that the COVID pandemic caused a financial strain.

However, a brightside was that it provided a sense of urgency for the government to create relief programs that ended up helping people even after the pandemic ended.

One such opportunity was the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) that helps millions of households across the country.

Even though this program was temporary, it was able to help households up until nearly mid 2024!

Sadly, funding is running out which means households are going to have to understand what to do next.

Thankfully, there are still opportunities to benefit similarly to the ACP!

Getting a No Cost Device Without ACP

Starting off, knowing the ACP’s details is key for benefits even after its budget runs out.

The FCC created it to assist households with internet costs.

Eligible homes could get a $30 monthly discount on internet services, or $75 if on tribal lands.

Plus, there was a chance for a one-time $100 saving on an eligible device.

However, it was only available if the household spent $10 to $50 and shopped from certain sellers.

Each home could only get a discount on one device and one internet service.

To qualify, a household’s income had to be below double the federal poverty level, a figure that’s updated every year.

Working with Other Programs to Provide More Support

The ACP’s impact was amplified when paired with other programs like Lifeline, especially with specific providers.

This partnership often led to free devices for users.

Even with the ACP’s funding gone, there are still ways to snag a free phone.

It’s easier than you might think.

Carriers are adjusting to the end of the program.

Other Companies That are Providing a Free Phone/Free Services

There are a variety of carriers that are offering a no cost/affordable device to specific users.

Usually, these opportunities come with terms and conditions, restrictions, etc.

While this is just a short list, it is important to see what other carriers besides the ones on this list may have free phone opportunities!

You may be in for a pleasant surprise to find even more options.


Getting a new phone can be affordable.

Verizon often has promotions where you can get a phone for free with a 36-month bill credit plan.

These deals are great for upgrading without spending much.

Watch for free phone offers, including various models and brands.

You can sometimes trade in your old device for a free upgrade.

Their buy-one-get-one-free deals are perfect for families or anyone needing multiple phones, making upgrading easy and budget-friendly.

Metro by T-Mobile

Metro offers free 5G phones with no hidden costs.

Visit a store to get a Google Pixel 6a or REVVL 6 5G for free by bringing your number, choosing a $40/month plan, and paying the tax.

Online, you can get the Galaxy A14 5G without activation fees and add a voice line to your plan.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is giving away the Motorola Moto G 5G 2024 for free to new customers who switch their number and start a new line with a $55/month plan.

You’ll need to pay the first month’s charge and tax upfront.

Normally $129.99, the phone’s price drops to $0 with discounts and a coupon.

This deal is available once a year, doesn’t cover upgrades, and may lock the phone to Cricket for six months.

Additional fees, like a $25 activation fee, might apply.


AT&T is offering the iPhone 15 Pro for free with certain conditions.

Customers need to trade in an eligible device and choose an unlimited plan.

The deal gives up to $1,000 in credits over 36 months with a 0% APR installment agreement and no down payment for qualified buyers, but taxes on the full price must be paid upfront.

The trade-in value must be at least $290, and the offer is available to both new and existing customers, with terms subject to change.

Bottom Line

While the COVID pandemic brought financial challenges, it also encouraged the government to create relief programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP).

This initiative helped millions, but now with its funding ending, people need to explore other options.

Fortunately, opportunities still exist for similar benefits.

Other carriers are stepping up.

This means offering free wireless service, unlimited talk, text, and data, and even free devices to ensure users stay connected.

Overall, the end of ACP doesn’t spell the end of support.

Households can continue to enjoy free or discounted services through alternative methods!