Looking for a Part-Time Job with Healthcare Benefits?

It’s hard finding a part-time job with a good benefits package, especially when it comes to healthcare. In a country that has one of the most expensive healthcare systems in the world and with the prices of medicines skyrocketing at local pharmacies, good healthcare plans have become essential to cover the overwhelming expenses that Americans have to face every day not just to keep well, but to stay alive. Fortunately, there are a few companies that believe in giving back to their employees with the proper healthcare plans that they deserve to stay well. Here are just a couple:


If you’re a home improvement fan who has a knack for everything that makes homes tick, then Lowe’s can be a great place to work, and the good news is that you don’t have to be a full-time employee to get healthcare benefits. As one of the retail market’s leaders, Lowe’s has branches nationwide and its part-time employees have healthcare benefits, but it’s important to note that how much healthcare benefits they get depends on which area and which branch of Lowe’s they are working in. Health Plan Identifier would be the best place to turn to get an estimate of what deals part-time employees can get when it comes to their healthcare package.


Widely known as a great place to work, UPS also goes to great lengths to take care of their employees, and the good news you don’t even have to be a full-time employee to enjoy the generous benefits that the company has to offer. Having dental, pharmacy, medical, and vision plans for its part-time employees, UPS is said to have one of the most inclusive benefits policies, but what part-time workers get may depend on where they work as well as what branch. The general eligibility requirement is that part-time employees need to have completed 225 working hours in three months, which means working at least 18 hours on a weekly basis.


As much as Starbucks needs to attend to America’s daily morning need for quality coffee, they are also known to be very generous for their part-time employees, not just in healthcare but in many other things. It’s part of their strategy to keep that impressive production machine of a workforce that they have well-oiled. Part-time employees have the opportunity to get one of the several healthcare plans, including Gold, Silver, Platinum, Bronze, and Bronze Plus. Depending on which plan is chosen, an employee’s deductibles could be up to $3,300.  For those interested in pursuing studies, the company also helps with college tuition fees.


Whether it’s tacos, tortillas, or other tasty treats, Chipotle’s employees work hard to tantalize the taste buds of their customers every day, which is why the company itself also invests a lot to give back. If you decide to join Chipotle even as a part-time worker, you’ll enjoy good medical and dental benefits packages from companies like Anthem and Delta Dental. EyeMed will also give Chipotle part-time employees vision plans. If you or a loved one feel that he/she is in need of therapy, mental health counseling is also granted to all employees (part-time and full-time) who qualify free of charge. Their dependents will also have the prerogative of making use of this benefit. Therapists do not even have to meet the employees in person if they don’t want to, as there are also telephone conferencing options as well as other alternatives ways of communication.  You can read about the details of those packages here in their benefits handbook.

Become a Federal Employee 

If there’s anything people would kill each other to get, it’s a federal job, and even federal part-timers are smiling all the time because they can get the same benefits as full-timers, even if the number of hours that they work is less. The only strict requirement that is needed to qualify is that the position has to be a permanent one. Details on the different policies that they have in this regard are discussed on the Office of Personnel Management’s website.