2022’s Top Four Tax Preparation Services

You may be dragging your feet to do your tax returns, but you’ll soon have enough relief to get this whole process done fast and carefree. Though you may think using DIY tax preparation software is more cost-effective, there is a lot more support that you can get with professional in-person tax preparation services. When using in-person services, you will be able to meet the professional who can help you with e-filing your tax returns in an efficient manner. The private sector is filled with tax service options, but we’ve managed to narrow the best picks down to four possible candidates which we think you should consider.

H&R Block 

Priding itself for its excellence in customer service, H&R Block is definitely one of the best when it comes to tax preparation. With offices nationwide all emphasizing the company’s philosophy of professionalism, you will find that H&R Block can pretty much do anything from bookkeeping and payroll services to IRS auditing and assistance. You will be able to enjoy their advanced, user-friendly tax preparation software or the option of meeting one of their helpful tax agents.


Time is money, and if you want your tax returns fast, then TurboTax is what you need to turn to get that done. Yet, speed is not the company’s only asset! One could say that customer support is one of their fundamental principles, as users of Turbotax software will be able to easily contact any tax agent for support while filing their taxes online. They can even share their screen with tax agents, so that the customer can be guided through the entire filing process.

Turbotax software handles both state and federal income tax, with its services priced anywhere between $80 to $200. If you want to do your state income taxes, then it will cost up to $45 for every return. Customers will also have the option of making use of the company’s free audit guidance sessions, and this is particularly useful for those seeking auditing services. Any inquiries related to tax laws will have to be referred to a legal professional.


Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE) are two IRS-run tax preparation service programs that seek to assist senior citizens and low-income communities across America. The good news is that they are completely free and have offices throughout all states. Known for its support for people with disabilities and those who don’t speak English, the VITA program is geared towards those who get paid less than $56,000. For the elderly, TCE assists with retirement and pension-related issues. Contacting your area’s VITA or TCE office should be simple. All you have to do is click here to locate it or call 800-906-9887.

Jackson Hewitt

Known as a nationwide brand for tax preparation, Jackson Hewitt has up to 6000 office locations across the country, half of which are in Walmart. Aiming to cater to a variety of different preferences, the company offers both online and in-person choices for those who seek to make use of their tax services. One of the main disadvantages is that the Walmart branches usually remain closed, except during tax season, but all other offices do remain open outside of typical business hours and during the weekends. Each office has its own individual rates, so call in advance to ask if you are concerned about prices.