How to Earn Money Dining Out

How Can You Get Paid to Go Out to Eat?

( – Pizza? Burgers? Steak? Seafood? No matter what your favorite restaurant food, it’s always a good idea to look for ways to save on your outings. But what if you could actually make a little extra money eating out? You can do exactly that as a Mystery Shopper.

What Mystery Shoppers Do

Companies hire mystery shoppers to ensure their brands are being represented correctly, especially if they have multiple locations or franchises. Restaurants also want to be sure food selection and quality are on par with their standards. A Big Mac in Idaho should taste just like a Big Mac in Miami. Mystery shoppers are also used to assess customer service and building cleanliness.

You are given clear instructions on what to do or look for in a specific store. Then, you’ll complete a report after the shopping and dining portion of your assignment. This could be a set of multiple choice questions or the company might ask opinion questions requiring a short answer.

How You Get Paid

Mystery shopping compensation varies depending on the company you work for. Most companies will reimburse you for your meal and add a small fee on top of that for your efforts. You are never paid upfront for dining out; you are always reimbursed after the fact.

How to Get Started

You can find, and use, several different companies online to sign up for mystery shopping opportunities. Companies like MSPA offer training and certifications at a reasonable price and then give you access to shopping opportunities, but certifications aren’t always necessary for the casual mystery shopper.

Organizations like Market Force Information and BestMark are popular choices and hire shoppers directly.

Whether you just want a few free meals or make some extra cash to ease the strain on your budget a bit, mystery shopping can be a fun way to do it. Research your options carefully and make sure you review any agreements you are asked to sign so you know what to expect in terms of guidelines and timelines for payment.

Happy dining!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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