More Produce Recalls Threaten Your Health

More Produce Recalls Threaten Your Health

( – When we buy food from the grocery store, there’s an expectation the items we’re purchasing are good. We should never have to worry about whether our produce might make us sick or even kill us. Sadly, that’s exactly what some vegetables and fruits might do right now.

On August 11, CBS News reported more grocery stores around the US are recalling onions that may contain salmonella. The outbreak has spread to 43 states, and more than 600 people have fallen ill.

Walmart, Trader Joe’s, Giant Eagle, Kroger and Ralph’s stores have all recalled red, white and yellow onions at the request of Progressive Produce. Some of the red onions were sold in bulk bins and have PLU labels with Pacific Gold Brand on them. Giant Eagle’s recall notice says the produce was sourced from Thomson International.

Thomas International’s recalled onions it shipped to all 50 states under the brand names:

  • Food Lion
  • Hartley’s Best
  • Onions 52
  • Utah Onions
  • Tender Loving Care
  • Thomson Premium
  • Kroger
  • Imperial Fresh
  • TLC Thomson International
  • El Competitor
  • Majestic

The onions aren’t the only recall to worry about. On August 9, Wegmans issued a recall of the following items:

  • Wegmans 4-lb. Bag Valencia Oranges – UPC: 7789052363
  • Wegmans bulk lemons – UPC: 4033
  • Wegmans 2-lb. Bag Lemons – UPC: 7789015917

If you have shopped at any of the stores above, check your produce. Take the products back to the grocer, and they can provide you with a refund.

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