VA Benefits Some May Not Know About

VA Benefits You Should Be Taking Advantage Of
VA Benefits You Should Be Taking Advantage Of

( – Do you know a veteran who is struggling with health and finances? Or maybe you’re a veteran who feels discouraged with daily living? Fortunately, there’s an array of benefits available to those who qualify.

With everything from affordable healthcare to getting a home loan, tapping into the right resources can be extremely beneficial.

Community Outreach
Veterans who are disabled or unable to visit a state veterans hospital or facility may find help closer to home. Some communities may offer mobile outreach centers where you can gain access to things like:

  • Health fairs and wellness checks
  • Counseling
  • Help applying for disability
  • Locating shelters and avoiding homelessness
  • Job search help and career options
  • Learning more about veterans benefit eligibility
  • Volunteer opportunities

Not every town or city has community outreach programs or local veterans chapters. Visit the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to find a VEO or Veterans Experience Office near you for further assistance.

Home Loan Programs
Veterans looking for a new home should check into a VA Direct or VA-backed home loan. First, they need to qualify based on their service history. You must be active or have served and been honorably discharged.

In addition, income and credit criteria must be met, although terms are more relaxed than conventional home loans. After pre-approval, applicants get a COE or Certificate of Eligibility. This helps to find a home within the correct price range. The home will also need to pass a special appraisal process to make sure it meets value and is in good condition.

Medical Benefits
Those Veterans without health insurance or facing high-priced premiums often face financial issues that can prevent them from accessing quality healthcare. If you’ve served for the U.S. military, you may be eligible for affordable health coverage through the VA.

If you are transitioning from active duty to retirement or separation of duty, contacting the VA directly will help you get the right plan without a lapse in medical coverage.

Enhancing Your Career
Whether on active duty reserves or just wrapping up their service, finding a good job is a priority for most Veterans. Not only can they apply for a job working for the government, but they can also connect with the Department of Labor to expand their career search.

If you want to further your education, you may be eligible through the VA to receive financial help paying for college classes or vocational training.

Crisis Resources
Coming home from active service can take some major readjustment. Settling back into life the way it was before a deployment takes time. Whether it was five days ago or 15 years ago, lasting effects can trigger stress, depression and suicidal thoughts.

Speaking with trained counselors and reaching out to the Veterans Crisis Line is a good place to start. From there they’ll direct you to a local resource for immediate care.

The first step for Veterans needing help should be contacting the VA to see what services are available. Taking advantage of one or more programs can be a game changer. This can open the door to new opportunities for you and repave your future!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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