Avoid Traffic and Make Money at the Same Time

Avoid Traffic and Make Money at the Same Time
Avoid Traffic and Make Money at the Same Time

There are plenty of driving jobs and task sites you can join that allow you to make money. While these work well for some people, they aren’t the best idea in a big city. It also isn’t ideal for someone without a vehicle. But, being a bike courier allows you to handle the same tasks to make money, all while avoiding traffic.

What is a Bike Courier?

A bike courier, or messenger, is someone who uses their bicycle to ride through town and make deliveries, run errands, or deliver messages. They work well in large cities because they can use the bike lanes and sidewalks to skip the traffic in the streets and get to their destinations faster.

Getting Started

There are two ways to get started with this job. First, you can join a courier company that offers these services. Get hired by a business like this and get all your work designated for you. Otherwise, you can start your own courier service and use sites like TaskRabbit to let customers know you’re available to handle their tasks.

Range of Services

You perform a wide range of services as a bike courier. One customer might want you to make a bakery run to bring them their favorite dessert, while another needs you to pick up supplies. You could go on a mail run, drop off documents between offices, make copies, take in dry cleaning, deliver gift packages, and even make food deliveries. Customers can request certain timeframes for delivery, such as 15, 30, and 60 minutes on average. As long as there is a courier person to handle the job, it will get done.
Grab your bike and head out to handle tasks. You can make a considerable amount of money this way, as there are plenty of people out there willing to pay someone to handle errands for them.

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