This Site Helps Save on Prescriptions

This Site Helps Save on Prescriptions

Doug Hirsch, the co-founder of GoodRX, wants Americans to stay healthy without going bankrupt, he recently told CNBC. With the rising costs of prescription drugs, inexpensive options are more important than ever.

Founded in 2011, GoodRX connects consumers with discounts, coupons and resources for cost comparisons of prescription drugs. Since inception, the company says it has saved Americans over $10 billion on their prescribed medications. Here’s how to grab these discounts for yourself.

How Does GoodRX Work?

GoodRX is able to connect consumers with discounts and coupons because they’ve built relationships with pharmacies around the country. They also act as a kind of mediator between insurance companies and pharmacies, helping them to agree on prices that work for all parties, including the insured individuals. By using a free GoodRX Discount Card, it’s possible to secure as much as an 80% discount on prescription drugs.

In addition to negotiated discounts and coupons, GoodRX has created a database of prices. A visit to their website can tell you exactly what a specific prescription costs at any of the 60,000 pharmacies they’ve collected information from across the country. This is an important part of the service developed after Hirsch experienced a price difference of $150 between pharmacies while trying to fill a medicine he was prescribed.

Getting Started With GoodRX

This prescription discount website offers its basic services for free. Anyone can request a discount card for at no cost and download their app to compare prices while out and about.

Their paid service, GoodRX Gold, has a monthly cost of $5.99 for an individual and $9.99 for a family. Paying members get access to 1,000 prescriptions costing less than $10 and additional discounts of up to 90% off of standard medication pricing.

Taking care of your health and the health of your family shouldn’t be a financially impossible task. A GoodRX membership could create more financial freedom without sacrificing your wellbeing, allowing you to pursue other financial goals like paying off debt.

~ Here’s to Your Financial Health!