Make Money Writing About What You Already Know

3 Ways to Make Money Writing About What You Already Know
3 Ways to Make Money Writing About What You Already Know

( – Need extra cash? If you’re moderately talented in writing, you may have an unexpected cash cow on your hands. The internet world thrives on authoritative content, and when it’s written by people with practical experience it’s naturally more authoritative in tone.

From crafters who draft up DIY tutorials for fun projects to plumbers who explain how to fix a leaky tap, you can put your writing skills to good use while making money at the same time. Here’s how to make it happen!

Start a Blog

Feeling particularly ambitious? It may be time to start your own blog. Writing your own blog is freeing; it’s up to you what you write and when you write it, but that can be as much of a pitfall as a benefit.

Much as with any other opportunity, you get back what you put into it — the higher the quality and frequency of your posts, the more likely you are to attract regular readers.

All you need to start your own blog is a small hosting account and a basic WordPress template; from there, you can dive right into writing. If you’re not sure whether you’re ready for a hosting plan, use instead — it’s free!

Blogging is a particularly wise idea for anyone in an industry that may sell or recommend specific products; using Amazon’s affiliate program, you can often make money when readers visit the site and purchase through your links.

Content should be 90 percent informative and only 10 percent links — too much selling could get you blacklisted by Google for spamming.

Write for Professionals

Not interested in starting your own blog? If you don’t have time to manage your own blog,  spin the concept off and offer to write for other professionals for a nominal fee. Reach out to colleagues or other experts who maintain a blog and offer to guest post for them.

Most guest bloggers charge somewhere between $50 and $500 per blog post, but the amount you charge depends on the complexity and details included in your post.

A basic DIY on how to change a leaky faucet, for example, will naturally cost less than a 2,000-word post on how to replace the alternator in car (with pictures). Try to estimate your total time investment and set your rate to reflect your skills and desired hourly amount.

Pitch to Magazines

If you already maintain a blog or want to take your ability to make a bit of extra cash to the next level, consider pitching to magazines. Niche interest publications often purchase guest articles and submissions. Rates can be high depending on the topic — sometimes as much as $1,000 or more per piece.

There’s a reason for that; magazine quality is almost always extremely high. Be prepared to polish your writing until it shines, and be aware that magazines can and often do reject pieces that don’t work for them.

If you’re concerned about writing only to have your articles declined, start a blog at the same time. You can stick your rejected pieces onto your blog once you polish them up a bit.

Everyone gets rejections; the key is in how you deal with them going forward!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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