The Importance of a Strong Password and How to Choose One

The Importance of a Strong Password and How to Choose One
The Importance of a Strong Password and How to Choose One

( – Passwords are necessary in today’s technological world. Not only do we need them on our phones and sensitive apps, but also any account we create for different websites. Never settle for a subpar password that anyone can easily guess. You need a strong password that will keep hackers out of your accounts and ensure your information remains secure.

Never Use Personal Information

Most people use personal information to create their passwords because they know it’s something they’ll remember. You might think of using your birth date, wedding date, or another important anniversary that means something to you. This type of password is easy for hackers to access, as they can easily find the information online. Avoid using personal information, and instead create a completely unique password that has nothing to do with your personal details.

Create a Mix of Numbers, Symbols, and Letters

You never want your password to only include letters. Create a mix of letters, numbers, and symbols to have a strong option that no one can guess. Just adding one number and symbol to your word could help tremendously. You should also use a capital letter. Even if a hacker could guess your password, they’ll get it wrong if they’re entering a lowercase when it should be uppercase.

Make a New Password for Each Website

Avoid using the same password for every single site you visit. If someone can hack one site, they can hack them all, giving them access to all of your most valuable information. Make a new, more secure password for each website instead, ensuring your data from other websites remains safe even if one gets hacked.
You can start with a root password if that makes it easier to remember. Keep the same basis, but add the first and last letter of every site you’re on to make it unique to that web page. For example, say your password is Fi$hy121. Make your yahoo password Fi$hyY121O. It would then be Fi$hyG121L for gmail. Place the website letters within the password and at the end, or even at the beginning and end, as long as they’re included.

Passwords are sometimes the key to your financial information. You have to make them for every site you access if you want your information saved — from Facebook to health apps, and even ecommerce websites. Use these methods to choose a strong password and ensure your data always stays safe.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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