Side Gigs for People Who Don’t Have a Ton of Time

Side Gigs for People Who Don’t Have a Ton of Time
Side Gigs for People Who Don’t Have a Ton of Time

Working hard but coming up a little bit short? Just looking to make a few dollars here and there when you have a little bit of spare time? These options aren’t going to make you money fast, but the cash can add up over time if you’re looking to simply bank a bit for the holidays or a special occasion.

  • Online Surveys – Sites like CashCrate, SwagBucks, and Inbox Dollars are great options for people who just want to complete surveys or watch videos, earn points, and cash in for some gift cards from time to time.
  • ReceiptPal – This is an incredibly easy app to use. All you have to do is register and snap photos of your receipts after you shop. You’ll receive 100 points for every 4 receipts submitted and can cash in your points for gift cards later on. You are limited in the number you can submit each week, so it takes time to add up, but ReceiptPal offers a quick and easy way to earn some extra spending cash.
  • Fiverr – We didn’t list Fiverr with the sites for writers and graphic designers for one reason – you aren’t going to make a lot of fast money here. While you can alter your price points, all packages here start at $5. This is great if you have a simple service you can turn around quickly, but not for more specialized services.
  • Flipping Raw Land – Have a keen understanding of real estate but not the money to buy and flip houses? Try flipping raw land instead. Purchase a property, clean it up so a potential buyer can envision a future for the land, and resell it at a profit.
  • Book Flipping – Buying and selling used textbooks can be very lucrative, especially if you can make a profit selling used books for far less than campus bookstores. BookScouter is a great site to try if you need help connecting with students and vendors.
  • Run Estate Sales – Looking for something you can fit in on the weekends? Are you really good at identifying items of value among people’s treasures? Advertise yourself as an estate sale coordinator. Help families go over their belongings to make sure they’re not selling $1,000 items for $10 or less. You can take photos of items and list them online or offer to be on site for a physical sale. You keep a percentage of sales (20 percent or more), plus any fees.
  • Join Focus Groups – There are paid focus groups all over the country. This isn’t an option for those who need a steady income because companies usually need participant groups with varying demographics. Look on sites like Find Focus Groups, or can help you get started.

While it helps to build momentum and gain a reputation as a seller or service provider, any of these gigs can be done on your own schedule. You can ramp up or slow down as your time demands  and availabilities dictate.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!