Social Security Reveals New Retirement Benefits Portal

Social Security Reveals New Retirement Benefits Portal

( – Trying to navigate a messy website isn’t a fun experience. I’ve been known to shut down my computer and walk away if I encounter a poorly designed site. That’s what makes the latest announcement by the Social Security Administration (SSA) so exciting.

SSA Commissioner Andrew Saul recently announced the retirement benefits portal was given a facelift. The changes to the website are going to make it a lot more user friendly for people who want to apply for their retirement payments.

According to the commissioner, the redesign will “make it easier” for Americans to access the information they need because it has “fewer pages and clearer information.” It’s optimized for viewing on mobile devices now, and people can sign up for updates.

Hopefully, the new portal is as easy to use as Saul has promised. The Social Security Administration isn’t known as the easiest government entity to navigate.

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