Trump Wins Majorly Against Price-Gouging Hospitals

Trump Wins Against Price-Gouging Hospitals

( – Hospitalizations are incredibly expensive in the United States. Depending on your condition, you could be looking at a stay that costs thousands of dollars. A lot of times you might not even know what the hospital is charging you for. That’s about to change.

On June 23, President Donald Trump won a fight against the American Hospital Association (AHA) after it sued his administration to prevent price transparency.

In 2019, President Trump signed the “Improving Price and Quality Transparency in American Healthcare” executive order. It requires hospitals to disclose the actual prices of procedures, allowing patients to make informed financial decisions.

Shortly after the announcement, the AHA sued. On Tuesday, Judge Carl Nichols rejected the claims against the order.

The hope is that this rule change will stop price gouging by hospitals across the country. Also, it’ll allow patients to see what they could be charged before it happens. Although the AHA plans to appeal, this is a big win for Americans right now.

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