Side Gigs for People with Specialized Skills

Side Gigs for People with Specialized Skills
Side Gigs for People with Specialized Skills

Maybe you have a special skill that doesn’t quite fall into one of the categories we’ve already mentioned. That’s cool. Here are a few ideas that may get you thinking about what you really do have to offer.

  • Massage Therapy – It’s incredibly important for massage therapists looking for side gigs outside of spas and doctor offices to do so carefully for their own safety. Sites like Zeel connect vetted massage therapists with verified clients.
  • Notary Public – Guidelines for becoming a Notary Public vary from state to state. Some require you to pass an exam while others simply require you to pay a fee. Once you are a notary, you can set your own fees for witnessing and signing documents while performing your duties right from your home.
  • Alterations/Sewing – Professional dress shops make a lot of money offering alterations. This may be the gig for you, if you are great with a needle or sewing machine. Showcase some of your own designs if you want to do more than a nip and tuck, or stick with altering existing clothing to keep it simple.
  • School Sports Coaching – Are or were you great at a particular sport? A lot of schools are looking for dedicated sports coaches instead of paying teachers overtime to do the job. Look on sites like Indeed for local listings.
  • Umpire/Referee – Have a thick enough skin to not react when people are yelling at you? Are you assertive enough to call them like you see them? This, combined with a good understanding of the rules of sports, may make you a great referee. Find your local officials association to find out how to get started at youth, collegiate or recreational levels.
  • Bookkeeping/Accounting – Those who are already certified bookkeepers (CB) might consider helping small businesses or entrepreneurs with their books. Start small to make sure you have the right amount of time to give each company an adequate amount of time and attention.
  • Brand Ambassador – Some brands will hire people to act as ambassadors, representing their brand and helping them make sales. This is a great side gig for someone who is already an online influencer with a large following.
  • DJing – This is a great option for anyone who has an ear for music and can stay on top of both popular new trends as well as old classics. Offer your services at weddings and other parties and grow from there.
  • Medical Transcription – You will need to be certified in medical transcription for this job, but those who are can earn up to $50/hour transcribing medical notes. You’ll need to have a strong working knowledge of medical terminology and a good computer setup, but a lot of transcription jobs are flexible and allow you to work from home.
  • Photography – Do you have a great eye and a working knowledge of photo editing software? Do people constantly compliment your work? List some of your photos for sale on stock photography sites like ZenFolio, Shutterstock, 123rf, and iStockPhoto. You can also hire out for specific venues or work from your own studio, offering personalized photo sessions and packages.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!