Marijuana Breathalyzer in the Works

Marijuana Breathalyzer in the Works
Marijuana Breathalyzer in the Works

Colorado was among the first states to legalize marijuana. Although it’s legal, it is still not allowed while driving. With the legalization close in California, they are now following suit by proposing a bill that would also deter drivers from smoking or even consuming edibles while they are on the road. With the help of one company, a marijuana breathalyzer is now in the works to help enforce these laws.

A Few Years in the Making

Marijuana is much more difficult to detect on the breath than alcohol. It has taken a few years, but the Oakland-based company, Hound Labs, has finally almost perfected their device. They have created a breathalyzer that can test for the presence of marijuana. It is only available in that area as of now, but is becoming one of the most requested items by police forces in recent months.

2017 Release Date

The current goal is to have a 2017 release date. By the end of 2017, police departments nationwide could have access to this breathalyzer. It will help all states enforce their laws of no marijuana use while driving. Colorado’s current slogan on the matter is, “Drive High, Get a DUI.” Other states are following suit and coming up with their own campaigns.

Drop in Marijuana-Related DUIs

After Colorado implemented their campaign, the state saw a 33 percent drop in marijuana-related DUIs in the first quarter of 2017 alone. Some police are suspecting that drivers are still driving while under the influence, but they are not getting caught doing so. The breathalyzer will help, ensuring no one is surpassing the limit. A certain marijuana intoxication limit has been set by Colorado, but it is unknown at this time. A limit will need to be determined and detailed by each state before the breathalyzer goes into effect.
With this new look into the future of driving, drivers need to be much more cautious about what they are consuming or inhaling before they get on the road. Police will start cracking down to enforce these laws in the near future.

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