Fear of Flying? What’s the Best Way to Conquer It?

Fear of Flying?
Fear of Flying?

(FinancialHealth.net) – Feeling nervous about flying is common, with as many as a quarter of Americans reporting experiencing some anxiety when on a plane. For 6.5% of the population, this nervousness reaches the level of phobia, which causes extreme distress and anxiety.

While some may choose to avoid flying altogether, this isn’t possible or practical for many. If flying is a part of your lifestyle, or if you simply want to take a vacation, this can help you conquer your fear.

What Is Deep Mindfulness?

The goal of deep mindfulness is to use meditation to achieve of state of being completely calm and at peace with the present situation. During deep mindfulness, it’s possible to experience relief from racing thoughts and anxiety, like those associated with a fear of flying.

In some cases, those practicing deep mindfulness lose track of time, actually forgetting they’re meditating. During this time of meditation, the body will relax, letting go of tension altogether.

How to Practice Deep Mindfulness

All mindfulness takes practice. With a flight approaching, it’s important to begin using meditation practices in your everyday life to prepare to use it during a time of heightened anxiety, like flying.

A mindfulness practice begins with getting comfortable and taking a few deep breaths. Use the first moments to think about what you hope to accomplish with meditation. Then, during continued deep breathing, relax any tense areas of your body.

As you continue your breathing, find a calming thought to center your attention on. Some people find it helpful to use a mantra to anchor their focus. Simply repeating, “I am safe, I am calm,” for minutes at a time as you breathe can be incredibly effective.

In your daily practice, work up to practicing deep mindfulness for 10 and then 20 minutes, preparing yourself to use it before your flight and while on the plane.

Using Visualization

Another practice that can be used during deep mindfulness is visualization. Visualization can be used to calm anxiety by picturing things going well, exactly as planned. Picture a smooth take off, a peaceful flight and an easy landing. Repeat this exercise as often as necessary.

At the end of the flight, don’t forget to celebrate your experience. It may not be entirely absent of fear, but any success at achieving some peace during an activity that typically causes anxiety is a sign of growth.

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