Get Ready for Your Next Job By Doing This

Get Ready for Your Next Job By Doing This

( If a job change is on the horizon, it’s better to start preparing for the application process sooner, rather than later. In the modern competitive job market, it takes some effort to stand out above the crowd.

Land Your Dream Job by Being Proactive

Individuals who want to make a career change should update their resume to highlight their most marketable skills, check their credit for errors and red flags, and clean up their social media accounts. Here’s what to do to get ready for your dream job.

Update Your Resume

At the bare minimum, resumes need to updated every 6 to 12 months. Additionally, individuals who have experienced a change in job responsibilities or job titles should update their resumes to reflect them.

There’s also a good argument for updating resumes to reflect the job you want to have. Individuals who have a specific career move in mind should highlight the skills they’ve learned at previous jobs that make them a good fit for new opportunities.

Check Your Credit

What does a credit score have to do with the job hunt? An estimated 29% of hiring employers are taking a peek at applicant credit reports before making a job offer.

Specifically, employers are looking for red flags that might indicate a person isn’t trustworthy with money. For jobs that require handling money and transactions, credit problems might be concerning. Check for outstanding accounts, errors, and any signs of identity theft. If you find errors, take the appropriate steps to fix them before they do any more damage.

Clean Up Social Media

The job hunt has changed thanks to the rising popularity of social media. Hiring managers and recruiters are now getting to know potential employees by looking closely at what they post online.

For this reason, it’s a good idea to make all social media accounts private before a job hunt. While you’re at it, clean up anything that could be seen as controversial — inflammatory posts about politics, references or pictures of alcohol, or complaints about previous jobs.

The job hunt is all about putting your best foot forward. With a little prep work, you can present yourself as the best man or woman for the position.

~ Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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