4 Ways to Make Money With Only a Vehicle

4 Ways to Make Money With Only a Vehicle

(FinancialHealth) – Though millions of parents are raising their children to be prepared for a typical 6-2 or 9-5 job, some people simply don’t function well in that situation. They want to be on the go, make their own hours, or just have more to look at during the day than the same four walls. One option is to make money with your car. There are at least 4 ways to make money with only a vehicle.

Airport Car Rental

Several cities allow car owners to use their vehicles as airport car rentals. FlightCar lets you park your car in their lot for free and will even have it washed. When someone chooses to rent your car, you get paid a fee based on the number of miles driven. Locations like Los Angeles, Dallas, Boston, Portland, San Diego, and Seattle offer this program.

Moving Billboard

Companies will pay you to advertise their names and logos on your vehicle. Your car becomes a moving billboard that other drivers will see every time you go by them. The size of your car determines your pay scale, as the more space you have the more you can advertise. You also get paid based on your daily commute. If you only drive five minutes away to work in a rural area, the company may not pay you a very high fee. If you have to drive more than a half hour to work along a busy highway, you will earn more.

Taxi Services

People who like to drive can turn their vehicles into personal taxis. Offer your chauffeur services on your own, or join a company like Uber or Lyft. You can set your own schedule and work anytime you want, even stopping along your normal daily route to pick up people who need a ride.

Hauling Services

It may not work well if you own a small car, but you can offer hauling services to people who need to transport larger items. A truck or SUV would handle the job well. Advertise on your local Facebook yard sale sites or Craigslist, or join sites like TaskRabbit, which allow users to request particular services. You can earn a fee for picking up and transporting items. Another option is to join a company like Amazon, who hires delivery drivers through Amazon Flex.

If you’re looking for a way to make money with your vehicle, consider one or more of these options. They all present great opportunities to earn some extra cash and in some cases, create a full-time gig.

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