Work and Travel at the Same Time Doing This

Work and Travel at the Same Time Doing This

Creative Ways to Make Money While Seeing The World

Each year, only 3 out of every 10 working baby boomers use all of their vacation days. What gives? According to this 2019 survey, the biggest obstacle preventing more travel for Americans of all ages is the cost.

If that strikes a chord, you’ll be thrilled to hear about how petting sitting, tutoring and selling on eBay can be used to fund travel and make money while away. Here’s how to start a remote side gig and finally use up hard-earned PTO.

Pet Sit to Get Free Accommodations

Skip the hotel! House sitting services like TrustedHouseSitters and MindMyHouse connect travelers who need a place to stay with travelers who need their home and pets taken care of while they’re away.

In exchange for completing tasks like watering plants and walking dogs, house sitters get to stay in the home completely free. With thousands of homes available around the world, it isn’t difficult to indulge in wanderlust without breaking the bank.

Additionally, many of these homes are way more comfortable than a hotel room. Most have a place to cook meals, Wi-Fi access and space to keep up with remote work while away.

Tutor While on The Road

A teaching certificate isn’t necessary to tutor English as a second language online. Services like VIPKids simply require their tutors to have a four-year degree, one year of formal or informal teaching experience and an up-to-date computer with a headset and camera.

These tutoring services are offered remotely in half-hour increments. Because of the time difference, individuals traveling in the United States can easily get their work out of the way in the early morning and then enjoy their time on the road.

Selling on eBay

For individuals with a love of thrifting and antiquing, selling items on eBay might be the perfect side hustle! There are no costs to set up an eBay account and new sellers can get started with collectibles they already own.

Even though this money-making venture is typically associated with quick access to a post office and room for inventory, adjustments can be made to make it more travel-friendly. For those who would prefer to wait to ship items until they’re at home, eBay allows sellers to extend anticipated shipping dates for more flexibility. This makes it possible to avoid putting selling on hold while on vacation. Additionally, items can be shipped from anywhere, which means lucky travel finds can be quickly sold to create additional income.

Travel is one of the great joys of life. A side hustle that can be kept up remotely is a chance to make getting away more affordable and when combined with other budget-friendly travel trips, you can finally check a few dream trips off your bucket list.

~ Here’s to Your Financial Success!