What’s the Best Way to Downsize After Retirement?

Tiny Houses Are More Than Just a Cute Exterior

Retirement means finally getting to do the things there wasn’t time for during the working years. Paving more room for fun and adventure means reducing chores and having less upkeep to care for around the property. One solution is to downsize to a tiny home. They are gaining popularity and here are several reasons why.

Forces Homeowners to Get Rid of Excess Clutter

It’s easy to accumulate things over the years. With everything from antiques to hand-me-downs, small and large items get tucked away in corners or boxes in the attic. A big part of retirement is downsizing and making life all around easier. When choosing a tiny home, getting rid of excess junk is a must!

In order to make a small space functional, clutter has to go away. Now is a good time to have an auction or rummage sale to get rid of unused items. Better yet, donate items to charity. This is also a great time to give special items away to family and friends.

Make the most of every square inch of space in a tiny home; clean and simplistic should be the goal.

A Little Less Work and Upkeep

Moving into a tiny home means less work and minimal time spent cleaning and maintaining a living space. Tiny homes still need routine upkeep of basic yard work, HVAC, plumbing and electrical, but keeping track of a 300-square-foot space as opposed to 3,000 makes it so much easier.

Extremely Cost-Effective

Most people, especially retirees, are drawn to tiny homes because of the overall cost-effectiveness. Heating and cooling a tiny home is economical and many times solar power is used, resulting in a huge reduction in water consumption and utility costs. This makes the tiny home movement appealing to eco-friendly retirees.

Tiny Homes Are Simply Adorable

The bottom line is tiny homes are cute. Styles range from small cottage designs to sleek ultra-modern options that are energy efficient and functional for one to two people. Living in a charming little home may be part of a retirement goal, but it ultimately means more money to tuck into savings or toward a long-awaited dream vacation or road trip.

Tiny homes are perfect for the retiree who wants to downsize and live a minimalist lifestyle. Whether it’s a second home or a main residence, the benefits of following a simpler path in life are instantly realized.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!