Brilliant Ways to Save on Wedding Costs

What Is the Average Cost of a Wedding in the US?

( – One of the biggest things couples focus on after getting engaged is the total cost of the wedding. USA Today reports the average wedding costs well over $25,000. There are several factors that play into the budget and using these innovative ways to save can make it more affordable.

Start Saving Now

For couples paying for their own wedding or for parents planning to help with some of the costs, the time to save money is now. Using a traditional savings account is a good way to set aside a predetermined amount with each pay period. Choosing a high-yield account can simplify the process. A money market may be another way to go, just make sure there’s quick access to the money so vendors can be paid on the spot.

Choose a Less Popular Date

When searching for a venue, the day of the wedding has a lot to do with how much it will cost. Most Saturdays in the spring and summer are prime dates, and due to high demand, they cost more on average than if the wedding was on a Friday or Sunday. Try changing up the day or wait until fall or early winter to book the event. This could shave a lot off of the total cost.

Saying Yes to the Dress

One of the most important pieces of every wedding is what the bride will be wearing. Saying yes to the dress can also play a major factor in total costs. It’s true that the average wedding cost teeters around $25,000 or more and a big portion of that can be the dress.

Don’t be afraid to check out dresses from past seasons or closeout brands that offer savings of up to 50% off retail prices.

Avoid Buying Pricey Decor

Tablescapes, archways and bridal accents make a wedding original and appealing, but it’s not necessary to splurge on all new items. Trim away at costs by either renting bridal accents or making your own.

Swap out fresh flowers for faux and scour antique shops and thrift stores for vintage lanterns and garden lights rather than buying from expensive bridal shops and boutiques.

Another way to save is to buy gently used pieces from others who have just had their wedding. Oftentimes, they are looking to get rid of their decor at a cheap price.

Search for Package Deals

There’s no need to spend $50,000 on a wedding, if at all possible. When booking a venue, ask about package deals. Combining the venue to include the ceremony, reception and catering can save more money than purchasing each separately. Ask about cancellations, too. This can shave even more off the package cost.

Planning for the big day doesn’t have to involve worrying about going over budget. Find ways to make it affordable and enjoy the precious moments without breaking the bank!

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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