Trump to China: Put Up or Shut Up

Trump to China: Put Up or Shut Up

( – Before the COVID-19 pandemic began, President Donald Trump and the Chinese government signed a “Phase 1” trade agreement. Just 5 months later, reports are claiming officials in Beijing are unhappy with the agreement and want to renegotiate it. The commander-in-chief, however, isn’t interested.

During the May 11 coronavirus press conference, reporters asked Trump if he was open to renegotiating the trade deal. The president said no, “We signed a deal.” He went on to say he’d heard Chinese officials wanted to make the deal better for their country. Meanwhile, they’ve taken advantage of the US for years.

President Trump told the press he’s going to wait to see if the Chinese government honors the deal they agreed to.

The agreement between the US and China was hard to come to the first time around. Trump made a good deal for America, so it’s not surprising China would want a new one. Fortunately for us, our president isn’t interested in playing games.

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