Top 3 Store Savings Apps

Top 3 Store Savings Apps
Top 3 Store Savings Apps

( – Are you squeezing every penny you can out of your food budget? Even if you’re couponing and hunting for deals, you might be missing out on the very best ones right under your nose. Your smartphone – whether it’s an iPhone, Android, or something else entirely – gives you instant access to a wealth of information. Through simple store saving apps, you can become the sharp and savvy shopper you’ve always wanted to be. Not sure where to start? These top three store saving apps will help you plant your feet on the path to savings.

Walmart Savings Price Comparison App

Price shopping is one of the best methods for finding the best deals, but driving back and forth to multiple stores to review prices just doesn’t make good sense. You’ll end up spending more in gas than you would on just choosing the higher price if you aren’t careful. That’s where Walmart Savings price comparison app comes in.

This app works after the fact, but it’s still worth it; simply scan in your receipts after you shop. If you come across a product you purchased at Walmart and it’s cheaper in another store, just snap a picture of it. Walmart will send you a gift card for the difference so you can spend it in-store the next time you’re in. This is particularly useful for big-ticket items like televisions or computers in the event of a sale.


This handy little app is multi-talented; use it to print off coupons for everything from Kroger’s to Trader Joe’s. Cellfire isn’t an app you’ll use daily; instead, they roll out a group of particularly juicy coupons at regular intervals throughout the year. But it’s still worth having – some of the discounts available amount to free products and shouldn’t be missed.

Best of all, there’s no need to print out Cellfire coupons; they’re entirely digital. Just flash your phone at your local retailer and they’ll apply the discount based on the code.

Checkout 51

Unlike Cellfire, Checkout 51 doesn’t provide you with coupons for your favorite retailers. Instead, you scan in your receipts after purchasing items. If any of the items you buy match the app’s weekly list of brands, items, or stores, you get money back. The cash accumulates in your Checkout 51 account until it reaches a minimum of $20. Once it does, you can request that the company cut you a check for the balance.

If you’re particularly crafty, check the app’s list before you go shopping and tailor your choices to what’s available for a rebate. Combine the rebate with coupons and you just might find the store paying you!

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