Pros and Cons of Wireless vs Wired Security Systems

Times are changing. Just as technology is advancing, so are the tactics of those that wish to steal or damage property. That is why many homeowners may be able to benefit from a home security system to better protect their belongings and their families. There are two main types of security systems. Wired and wireless options are on the market.

Both security systems have the same goal of enhancing the security of the home. They just do so in different ways. Each option has both benefits and drawbacks which can determine which one would be the best fit for you and your household.

When you begin shopping for a new home security system, it is best to have as much information as possible.  That way you can make sure the expense of the product is worth what you spent.

Benefits of a Wired Security System

Obviously the benefit to any security system is the enhancement of the protection of the household. However, wired and wireless systems will have different advantages and disadvantages.

Improved Consistency

Want a more reliable system? Then a wired security option may be a great pick. When you have a wired security system, you don’t have to worry about wifi signals, connectivity issues, sensor issues, radio frequencies, etc. This can help reduce the overall interference in the product as well.  Instead, they are directly connected and which means they have less of a chance to trigger false alarms or to fail.

Better Protection Against Hacking

Technology is advancing and so are the criminals. It is very difficult for people to hack into a wired system due to the fact that it is a physical system. The amount of energy, time, and knowledge that would be required to hack a wired system make it a less likely target for the bad guys.

Protect Big Spaces Easier

If the space that you want to protect is large enough then it can be very convenient to have a wired security system. Depending on the system you may be able to cover multiple buildings on the same property all while having easy to use control panels.

No Hassle Setup/Maintenance

Hate worrying about changing batteries or charging equipment? No issue with a wired security system! You can have some more peace of mind knowing that your system will likely work consistently. It is easy to maintain and even set up! Most of the time, the security provider will be the one to help set it up for you.

Drawbacks of a Wired Security System

While wired security systems have some nice benefits, there are some drawbacks to be aware of before you make a decision.

Pricey to Install

It may be easy to install, but that benefit is counteracted by the price. These types of security systems are typically installed while the home is getting built. This means that if you want to install a wired home security system after the building process, it can be expensive. The security company will likely need to do the installation due to the wiring components. This whole installation can take a lot of time, cost a lot of money, and take a lot of effort.

Too Much Stability

A wired security system is composed of a lot of wiring. That means it is not easy to just move throughout the property wherever, however, or whenever you want. It stays in the location it is installed in. If you want to uninstall a wired security system then you will likely face a process that is just as difficult, costly, and time-consuming as the installation. It is also common to see that security system companies recommend against uninstalling and moving wired security systems around. Some even offer no support to the customer if they want to do this!

Beware of Power Outages

While wired systems may be immune to some types of difficulties, they are not immune to all. One of the biggest issues that these security systems face is their vulnerability to power outages. Typically these systems have back up batteries to account for this risk. Unfortunately, these backup batteries can’t last forever. If the outage lasts longer than the life of the battery then the system faces a system shutdown. This can leave you with no form of security for your home.

Benefits of a Wireless Security System

Now that you have some understanding about the benefits and drawbacks of a wired security system, you can compare that with the pros and cons of a wireless security system.

Installation and Removal is a Breeze

Wireless systems are super efficient. This means that there are simple installation processes that users can follow to set it up. Since there is not a lot of hardware involved, these systems are also easier to move around. To top it all off? These systems are so easy to use that they can be uninstalled and moved to a new residence easily (a majority of the time). This security system can be beneficial to:

  • Renters
  • Buildings made out of some types of stone (think: marble, brick, etc.)
  • Historical buildings

Renters can benefit because they are constantly moving homes. Stone buildings and historical buildings can benefit because a wired installation can be very difficult due to the fact that there is drilling involved.

Drawbacks of a Wireless Security System

There are some pretty neat advantages to a wireless security system. However, there are some aspects of a that you need to beware of as well!

Not the Most Reliable

Think about the times you lose cell phone service, times the internet starts acting slow, etc. All of these problems can plague a wireless security system. There are more factors that can interfere with the overall reliability. Structural interference, electromagnetic interference, the state of the weather, and more can have an impact. If these systems have interference, they can set off false alarms or not even work at all when you need them to.

Be on the Lookout for Hackers

Security systems as small as a baby monitor can get hacked. Wireless systems are very vulnerable to cyber attacks. That is why it is important to see how the home security system’s company plans to counteract. Some may have advanced technology, others may have no solution. Regardless, it is important to discuss the ways they counteract the hacking threat you face with the security company you choose.

Can be Hard to Cover Large Spaces

A wireless sensor will likely have a distance limit. This means it can only provide security to those specified areas. If you need coverage across a large property or across many large buildings on the same property  then you may struggle to find a good wireless security option.

Annoying to Maintain

Unlike wired security systems, there is a decent amount of maintenance involved with a wireless security system. These systems usually have batteries that will need to be changed or charged. You need to continuously make sure you watch the battery life of your system so that it is ready during an emergency.