National Garden of American Heroes

National Garden of American Heroes

( – For weeks, historical statues around the country have been prime targets for violent agitators. President Donald Trump signed an executive order in June to address the problem of states not doing enough to protect federal monuments. Now, the commander-in-chief has put a plan in action to do even more.

On July 3, during his speech at Mount Rushmore, President Trump announced he signed an executive order to establish a park named the National Garden of American Heroes. The garden will hold statues of people who have “contributed positively to America.”

Also included in the park can be statues of police officers who lost their lives in the line of duty, labor leaders, former presidents and others who made the country a better place. Trump wants the National Garden on “a site of natural beauty” so people can enjoy their trip and “be inspired.”

The president’s latest move is a beautiful gift to the American people, one we’ll be able to enjoy for generations to come. And it ensures the statues of these heroes are never lost to the kind of vandalism we are witnessing in cities across the country.

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