Imagine Retiring on a Cruise Ship

How Much Does It Cost to Retire on a Cruise Ship?

( – Been spending time thinking about retirement? Even if everything’s all planned out, there’s always something new or different that you hear someone else doing, rather than settling for staying at home or moving to a retirement community.

One such option is retiring on a cruise ship. And why not, when you can cruise the seven seas for roughly $100 per night. Many people are turning to this $100 per night alternative in lieu of the traditional choices, and there are plenty of reasons why.

Setting sail to a tropical locale sounds like a dream come true for most retirees. Many are making those dreams a reality.

Cheaper Than Assisted Living

What about cost comparisons? On average, assisted living can cost in upwards of about $3,600 a month or more depending on amenities and demographics. While a cruise ship can be pricey per night based on international and exclusive cruises, the bigger the purchased package and the longer the trip can bring costs down to an affordable $65 or less per night.

Tailored to Independence

For retirees in reasonably good health, who remain independent, a cruise ship is a great option. There won’t be around-the-clock assistance with personal care, but there are still doctors and pharmacies available on most ships. Rooms can be handicap accessible and access to most amenities on the ship are geared toward helping disabled people maneuver freely.

Plenty of Added Perks

One big benefit aside from affordability is getting to travel freely each day to different ports-of-call. Food is always prepared and available around the clock. Entertainment is a short distance away as well as luxury amenities like a pool, spa and shopping. There is always a turndown service and laundry facilities are available on big ships.

When It’s Not a Good Option

If there are health issues you or a loved one are facing that require supervised medical care, a cruise ship may not be a good long-term option. Even at an affordable rate, if you require specialized care or need a nursing staff throughout the day, it’s best to consider another option.

Depending on finances, health and current living situation, a cruise ship may be a great cost alternative to a senior living community. Living your best life starts with having freedom and fulfillment every day, especially during those retirement years.

~Here’s to Your Financial Health!

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